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Tuesday, April 29, 2014


That's going to be fabulous! You are so clever.

Wow, that was an unusually successful trip! The Joann's at my house moved- they upgraded their stock (way needed, now they have nearly everything I would want, especially baking), but the shelves are really tall tall and the aisles narrow. Makes getting around difficult. The fabric looks great, pink and green always work well together.

Crap. Now that you have told me this I will feel guilty if I ever throw out a raggedy towel, knowing that I could extend its life.

You bathroom is going to look so chic!

I love the idea and please don't think that you are boring. Hunny, if I've learned one thing about you, it's that you are anything but boring. Besides, you're being clever AND frugal. I'm just plain cheap. Hugs, Dumplin'!!!

Sweet! Will you share the finished photos?

Absolutely perfect! Your towels will be totally charming. (I love making bias tape. I don't do it much anymore, because I don't sew much anymore. But. Making your own bias tape just gives you so many options! And I am ALL about the options.)


What a smart idea! You are head and shoulders over me in the clever department!

Brilliant! And I would also like to see the finished goods!

I would love to see the towels when you are finished. Sounds like a great idea.

I love that fabric. Your towels will be stylin'!

I like the idea that in fixing the towels, you're actually going to be making them prettier than they were to start with.

That is about the best idea I've heard all day! Now I'm trying to think about the state of my towels and when I can do this. xo

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