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Saturday, March 08, 2014


That is one gorgeous sock!

I'm almost done with the twisty socks from the booklet I made you buy! (although to be honest YOU made ME buy it) There are a couple of cool ones in that little thing.

Can't wait to see the green thing of doom!

I'm glad you have some thing of doom too, and it's not just me.
Both of those patterns look great.
African flower thingy?

Maybe, just maybe, you're a tad undecided?

Noro sock? What was the solid yarn?

I did not need to see that booklet.

You may have spring, but I can still use my side porch as an auxiliary freezer. So that's something.

The sock is so pretty...all pinky and purpley!
Well, I like Magine and Rye but I really like the socks to wear with flip flops. :D
So many things to knit. So many decisions.
What's the African flower thingy? Sounds interesting.

Crochet! Or something with worsted weight yarn!

Love your stripey sock!
You should crochet the African flower thingy. Because you kind of love it and because I'm dying of curiosity...

You have all sorts of ideas bouncing around your head. Do what feels good at the time, do it all, do a little here and a little there. You're entertaining yourself very well.

Love, love, love the sock.

Crochet would be a nice mental break…and it is cute.

Me, I'm reknitting some sweater sleeves because someone has more muscles than I thought…..

Ooooh! So pretty! They seem like the kind of beautiful project that might make my mind spin and give me trouble picking the next thing. I'm sure you'll figure out the right thing for you. I've been thinking about slippers, but then I think about a doorstop chicken, and then I think I should stop thinking.

I think winter is trying to end here, and I do not like that.

Maybe you can do the African Flower thing. I keep thinking about trying some African Flower thing. There is a cute hippo and a cute elephant that I like but do not feel like making right now, and do not know if I ever will. xoxo

Your sock is lovely!
I think you should spend a few hours looking around Ravelry. Something will hit you that you just love and have to make NOW!

If I knew how to crochet I would so be doing one of those crazy gorgeous blankets. If you do it I can just oooooh and aaaaaah over yours! Love the sock!

I LOVE that! Well, for your information the igloos have melted. It was spring today. Tomorrow it will be winter again. Wednesday it will snow. yeah. x

Why not start them all and see what happens? All are cute and you'll never have ufo's than me.

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