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Tuesday, March 11, 2014


I'm with you, sistah! If people don't like me the way I am naturally, then I don't really need 'em in my life. I'm happy (enough*) the way I am.

* Although if 20 or 30 lbs wanted to wander away, I wouldn't chase 'em down

my brain is mush from too much sewing (and I'm angry because someone else asked to cancel an order because their husband is upset so most of my brainpower is focused on not driving to their house and choking them both), all I've got is a bunch of xoxoxo for you and I know that's okay ;) xo

Love the socks.


I've gassed up the toyota and I'm coming over the hill and stealing those socks. I adore them!

You rock the matchy matchy world. I didn't think you could pull it off, but you did. I bow to your greatness. We have discussed the other often and we both know that acceptance is a dish best served by someone who understands what love really is. Pardon the paraphrase, but it's my comment and I can say whatever I wanna. Hugs, Sweeties.

The socks are so beautiful!! I love the colors!!


Hee hee. That's all I am going to say about the photo stuff.

Love those socks. You do good work. Bet you are good hooker too. :) xoxo Got to go winter is coming again!

Happy hooking!
I hear ya on the smiling in photos - I always panic when I'm expected to look smiley for the camera since I know that I'll end up looking like a deranged harpy...

One of my biggest pet peeves is being told to smile. Enough of that...love, love, love the socks! The colors are fabu and, of course, they're perfectly matchy, matchy!! Keep up the hooking!

Hooking like in rug? (I KNOW NOT THE OTHER ONE!) Oh I want to do that too! Those socks are spectacular!!! And I've never taken a good picture in my life. I'm getting okay with it though because the people that love us always thing we look great and if the picture is really horrible - than we just laugh!

The guard at my office building is always telling me to smile more. Um, no, dude.

Your socks are fantastic! I love them:)

Screw bitches like that. Everyone should be true to themselves, and that's all that counts.

Those socks are as perfect as anyone could make them, I'm sure. Especially with that yarn, and cutting out pieces of it. They're lovely!

Your socks were much better behaved than the ones I just finished (there was a knot in my Opal. A KNOT. I am still fuming.)

Smiling on command in a photo is always a struggle and sometimes best not even tried for. Unless it's something you are truly thrilled about!
You have a new hairdo???
Absolutely positively love those socks!
Happy Hooking!

I get so ragey when people tell me to smile. I do NOT get ragey when I see fabu socks knit by you! xxx

You hooker! I remember when that used to be a catch phrase for my fabulous gay men. Is it still? I really need to go find myself some. It's been far too long since I've had a gay man in my life.

Well said. I love seeing your knitting. I love the fact that you are so giving to your friends. Keep on being you.

That's why I always wait for Dan to take my picture, rather than post selfies - he does a good job of making me look decent. I hate smiling for pictures. And, damn, really, on FO pictures I want to see the item, not the model.

I get snappy when people tell me to smile. Fuck that.

Love the socks! How do they fit? Are they warm??

I once heard the explanation that the reason models, runway and print, don't smile is because if they smile, you notice the *model* but if they aren't smiling you are more likely to notice *what they are modeling*. So there's that.

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