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Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Ew. Lizards. Yet, they do eat cockroaches, right? Love the cowl and good for you spinning and watching something I know nothing of. Of course, they're still stalking you. You are way more interesting than they are!

Living bug control.

I .... I just ... LIZARDS?!? Urk.

Grafting=alchemy. You know this by now, but it IS nice to have it confirmed. For science.

Ew. My sister stepped on a lizard once.

But the cowl is nice, and I'm not surprised that your grafting skills are excellent.

I'm not surprised, either. Lizards mean sun!

The cowl is beautiful, no matter what color it is!
I bet you are getting ideas! ;)
I think I'd rather have lizards than snakes.

I like lizards. They eat bugs. Anything that eats bugs is an ally and a friend.
Love the cowl. And I love cowls even more than I like lizards...

Love the cowl!!


Don't they know who they are? ;)
I think I will take my igloo over your lizards.

Ewwww....lizards. I hope they're pretty small at least! And the green thing of doom is quite nice!


I think the igloo dwellers would like photos of lizards. The igloos won't be melting much this next week.

I love lizards, but then again I am weird. It's the orange ball's fault brought out different colors.

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