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Wednesday, March 05, 2014


That is some beautiful yarn and isn't Rambouillet the most squishiest soft stuff? I'm sorry about the wrist. Are you sure that isn't because of the black batt? Hope it heals soon. And, the sock? Any hopes more of that yarn being in the stash? Hugs, hunny!!!

The gradient of color in the purple yarn is perfect and it's going to knit up to be soft a squishy wonderfulness. Take care of your wristy. We all need our hands and should protect them as well as we can.

That purple is just ... *delicious*.

The colors of your sky would make some lovely yarn:)
Your purple yarn is beautiful!
I'm looking forward to seeing the socks.

Purple is always good! The yarn looks yummy. And that is a lot of yards.
Hope your wrist stops acting up very very soon!
Pretty picture! My phone does a really loud strange noise when there is an extra-dangerous weather warning. Yours did nothing like that??

I'm always a sucker for purple... Love it!

Pretty yarn!
Take care of your wrist - don't overdo or you'll end up like me.
Tornado? o.O

Absolutely beautiful! Maybe we could switch off wrists and thumbs and keep on truckin'?

I used to rather vehemently dislike purple and pink - I blame a childhood wardrobe heavily skewed toward many many shades of those two colors. Fortunately, I've (mostly) outgrown that dislike as I've acquired more wisdom...and a better wardrobe. :)

And I just went down the rabbit hole to that vendor's Etsy shop. Dangit, Cookie! I don't spin, and I don't have time to learn AND make something from the resulting attempts at yarn before the twins (squee!) arrive!! (I do still want to learn...)

Ooh, that purple has so much depth of shade. Lovely!

The socks are a-maze-ing and am curious to see how you're handling the color changes (unless it's just dyed that way - but that would be crazy pants). I'm a person who hates weaving in one billion ends you see.

It is so frustrating that our hands are required for everything. Sometimes I think it would be nice to just ignore the pain. Except well it hurts! Love the purple. I've got to clean up a little so that I can find a spot to put my wheel. I miss spinning.

Since you have new shoes, you can walk when your wrist hurts! /runs fast and far

Oh, Stacey has the right idea!! *ducks*

Pretty! And a good amount of it, yay! Purple as a go-to sounds like a good plan.

I do agree that purple is often the answer. Beautiful spinning, and your description of it sounds wonderful.

Is it the black batt that is hard on your wrists, or just too much spinning? Either way, I am glad you are taking care of yourself.

I'm hoping you are having safer weather and beautiful skies. xo

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