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Sunday, March 16, 2014


I love you.

And as for missing projects on Ravelry, that's hardly a surprise. Most of your knitting doesn't seem to make it there.

Thanks for the warning about the pattern. I'd thought about trying it. What a horrible experience. What beautiful flowers. So good about the snail.

You are our knitting wizard...they were going to help you read charts??
Ooo, what stunning daffodils. Can't wait until we get blooming flowers...maybe 6 weeks from now...
Hugs to you.

What Cheryl said. That, plus I do love the yarn for Mont-Royal. So very pretty. Keep the hooking in time-out for the present. You need a break. And, I adore those daffodils!!!!

I'm so jealous about the daffodils that I totally forgot about the rest of the story! Which is nothing new honestly, but I miss great things and flowers.

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Over two hours lurking here? Really? How many times can you hit refresh in one day? Is the cable down in OZ today? WTF?!

Isn't the world full of enough unnecessary drama? Isn't knitting supposed to be our escape from it? Arent we glad the world is also full of daffodils (or at least yours is-but I hear eventually it won't be below freezing here too someday....)

Agreeing with gale. Cuz great gales/gails/gayles think alike.

Too much drama IRL. I'm looking at your daffodils with awe and envy. XOXO

I think they stayed so long because they were out looking for the plane...;-)

Classy to end with flowers. Makes it all better. Well, that and chocolate. xo

I guess my feeder skipped this one yesterday. Anyway, it just showed up.

Rudeness and good customer service are mutually exclusive. The scarf is a lovely color -- I hope the unpleasant memories fade by next year.

That looks like quite a squishy blue yarn. Mmmm.

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