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Tuesday, March 25, 2014


That BFL looks yummy! Can wait to see the yarn you've created.

Sorry about the allergies. I'm personally a big fan of portable hepa filters. I have two that can follow me around the house.

What a beautiful colorway. Good luck with the fire flyer.

Maybe the colorway was made specially for the person who sent it to you. :) A place of peace is a very fine place to be.

I'm pissed because it's like 12 degrees, NOTHING is in bloom and yet? My damn spring allergies are minding the calendar. Oh, look! IT'S SPRING! Time for Annie's sinuses to try and kill her for the next month and a half!!!

It's fucking snowing.

Allergies and it's cold. I am so done over here. Love the fiber and love the yarn. Great job, once again, Dumplin'! And, I'm so glad you are in a good place. It won't last, but anytime we can spend there is a joy!

Those colors are lovely. And so is the finished product. A big bobbin is nice, but I want one of those woolee winder/ fast flyer things for my wheel. The moving the fiber every 2 seconds gets me out of my groove

1) Nasacort is your friend.

2) Good moods are to be savored while they last.

Boo for the allergies. Yay for the fiber!

I noticed lots of little poppy seedlings yesterday, but unfortunately most of the them were between the patio stones, where they will have a short and tragic life.

Life is good my friend. I'm looking forward to seeing what comes out of that fiber too. We're in the midst of a wind storm and I've done a cable cast on two times and I may throw THAT to the wind.

What?! No flower photos!?

Lovely fiber. I hope the large flyer did not combust.

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