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Friday, March 21, 2014


Maybe there was smoke from a fire? Or it was just an interesting sunset.

Of course we'd notice. Everything in the Training Camp would go to hell.

Maybe you're just like me and were aiming for a different app and the phone decided to be the winner. Frantic clicking to turn it off and voila! Masterpiece. At least that's how I do it...

Pretty sky. You can't fake your own death. I would be desolate. The Tour. WTF? Isn't that a waysaway? Please please please tell me it is. Hugs, Grrlie!!

Well, it's certainly prettier than any picture on my phone. I just have a bunch of pictures of the inside of my pocket...

It's pretty mystery.

Yes, you would be missed. Who else would make trouble for us? And keep us in line?!


You took the photo as they sky is amazing! The only sky that isn't pretty is a flat gray day. If you fake your death who will keep the crazies in line! Everything will go to hell. You wouldn't be able to fake it for long as you'd have to show us the beautiful fiber you'd spun.

So, did you know the bithcy decorator from Love it or List it was Betty Monroe! Just a weird aside from a lurker.

We would notice. And we would come looking.

What Trish said!

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