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Thursday, March 13, 2014


Ahh..the days gone by when someone says Miss instead of the Ma'am that I usually hear now. /sigh
The mug's sentiment is perfect and the bag IS fab!
Blooming flowers! I'm always a little amazed at how early spring is for you. Nice to know that it's happening!

What a great way to start my Friday! A great song, a charming mug, and an adorable bag. (Although I am weeping over my lack of spring, and no amount of happy posting can quite make up for that.) Have fun knittin' and hookin'! And give my regards to blooming anything! XO

Spring would be wonderful. We just got 20" of snow yesterday...
Enjoy all your happy!

Oh, Crazytown. It brings back happy memories for me too.

Love the mug and bag too! I'll have my flowers done today, but um no idea what to do with them yet.

Wow! Happy in your title about threw me! Yay for all the lovely things in this post. Love JesseLu's bags, wish I had a room full! When are you going to share that hooking project?

JessaLu's bags are amazing

The "Happy" song. I have it on my phone, and it cheers me up. (As does watching my six year old dance to it.)

aww thanks for the shout-out! I'm so glad I could send you some happy :o) xoxo

Great song! And great you! Based on your thought process I am going to take out the S&B hooking book this weekend and give it another go...I'll send pics!

Happy Stuff! Yay!

Buckwheat "risotto" was awesome today. Your mug is uber fab too! Indeed, we are spring sprung her too.

Well, it sure is nice to hear the happy from you, grrl. And, I do adore the JessaLu bag. Adore it.

Great shopping! Love her bags and that is a fabulous fabric combo.
We're seeing a bit more of the lawn but the white stuff is still hanging on.

JessaLu's bags are the best! And that one is particularly pretty. I love that fabric combination.

Happy here: Smokey is alive and kickin'! And I am catching up on your blog!

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