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Thursday, March 27, 2014


I may live in an igloo, but at least we don't often get funnel clouds and tornado warnings!

"merino/cashmere/love" - I've never seen that blend. It must be soft though! :)

Good luck finding that gnat-producer! It sounds like you've got a good handle on everything. Even the tornado. XO

WOW. We are under the watch tonight. Grover and I sometimes sit in the hallway and snuggle, but it's almost always too late!! Hugs, grrlie!

Rain, hail and hurricanos here yesterday, but the day dawns clear and all is well. At this point I'm not ready to give up my electric blanket.

I think the cousins of the gnats at your house are at mine. I wonder if they come in on the fruit I buy at the supermarket. what do you use to get rid of them?

I'm often surprised you even own winter woolens and an electric blanket! Glad the crazy weather subsided for you.

And then you sent that hail over to me. Fortunately, I still have my electric blanket (actually, mattress warmer) on the bed.

Oh, my! I was just reading about your storms in my local paper. That was really close, wasn't it! Scary.

I love crazy weather. In the summer I stand at the window and watch what mother nature is serving up. I stood outside years ago and watched a cloud turning overhead. Yes. It had to be the start of a tornado. It was right over the farmhouse. Amazing. Exhilarating! Embrace the crazy!! ;)
Nothing more annoying than gnats in plants. Annihilate those suckers!

Electric blanket...check. Hope you find the gnat home or you could really hurt yourself spinning and trying to bat them out of your way! Happy Friday friend.

When you find out wear the gnats live, let me know. I've got some hanging around, too.

I'm taking your storing the electric blanket as a good sign that my flannel sheets will move to the linen closet in a month or so. o.O

We had two weeks of glorious sun, warm and lovely. Now it's all rain, wind and cold. Gotta love spring in the northwest. Here's hoping to better weather everywhere!

We could tell it was above freezing today by the fact that it was drizzling instead of snowing...
Glad I no longer live in tornado country. I don't envy you that weather at all!

Oh, and I just thought: if you put your houseplants inside plastic bags, it'll be easier to identify where the gnats are coming from. The plant in the bag with all the bugses is the guilty party. Plus all the gnats will be inside a plastic bag. Double win!

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