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Sunday, March 02, 2014


How exciting!!! It is very pretty, but it looks like it would feel a bit strange.

Sounds like you're about to start an adventure.

Silk noil makes a messy batt and an excitingly messy yarn. You will have fun trying to get it to bend to your will (wheel?).

Oh I can't wait to see! I'm intimidated by the batts with stuff in them.

Looks like kind of an abstract painting. I'm sure that whatever it ends up being will be... interesting.

It will be interesting for sure. Good luck!

That looks amazing! I can't wait to see what you end up with:)

Wow. Not being a spinner, I can't quite imagine. But I do know one thing -- I can't wait to see it after you perform your spinning magic!

Sounds like lumpy bumpy yarn to me...not that I know a thing about spinning.... Hope you do a picture or two when you get it finished!

Looks like I'd just like to lay under it in my chair. ;-) With Boone of course.

It's like the yarn balls with prizes wrapped up inside, only it's fiber! I do love the jewel tones against the dark charcoal though. I had a surprise batt with tencel and all sorts of stuff once. ('Stuff' being the floor of the barn!) spun up so dirty and gross, but lovely yarn once it was washed out.

Ooh, that looks like what just was pulled out of my gutters! Who knew I should preserve it to spin someday...

If anyone can whip that into something I'd go over to your house and steal, it's you. Let's see what you make that into. If you get annoyed with it, just put it back in my gutter.

Omg, I love it. Every little thing about it. CanNOT wait to see it spun up.

Wowsers! That looks like a nifty spinning adventure. I like seeing your spinning. xo

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