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Monday, March 17, 2014


Generous of you to eat the brownies!
Haven't even heard of Orphan Black. Must go look now.
Is there a coupon code for the patterns?

Just a note about the patterns. I went to get one and got all 48. Very generous. Enjoy your brownies.

Hope your corned beef turned out good - mine did!
But I have no brownies. :(

Mmm for the CB and brownies. Have one for me, too, please. /sigh.

Isn't she a nice designer?! And what super mojo to start a union with!

Yup...used to mean only one thing when a person ate for another person. ;)
Gonna go look at the free patterns again. There was a stole/shawl thingy that looked interesting.
Don't know of Orphan Black.

Dan is a HUGE Orphan Black fan. He posts so many OB things over on Tumblr, I have the tag hidden ;-)

Of course you knew about the free patterns long before me, but I did try to share (even though you already knew:)). Brownies are good for you and the one you are eating for. I heard that somewhere. And, hugs, Dear One. I am not packing away my knits just yet. It's only March here in Middle Earth. Hugs!!!!!!!!

Parka yesterday. The wind was ferocious. Brownies would have helped.

That had to be a 20 minute lurk! Off to see what Orphan Black is and dream about brownies! Hope the CB came out great!

I hope you enjoyed your corned beef! Ours was excellent:)
The generosity of others is amazing! I hope she has a wonderful return of good karma.

I have to try eating brownies for another....does it still count for calories?!

Thanks for the heads up about the patterns -- I needed a new sock pattern to try! I enjoy your wit!

Thanks for the pattern link. I got three, but felt like I was taking advantage of the situation. Pretty stuff!

Hope you didn't eat all the brownies. Cuz you know, some are good the next day with milk. And a girl needs her calcium!

Haha! Love that Marilyn! Thank GOD you aren't eating for two in that way!

Thankfully I still had out those mitts you just sent. It's only 51 this morning!

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