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Saturday, February 22, 2014


Yay! The stripey mitts are done and beautiful! The green thing looks quite long but lovely also.
Also yay about the happy and the news that is a hoot...cuz it is a hoot. :D
So there IS spring out there...We have another week of wind chill advisories and below zero temps ahead of us. My tulips & daffodils are buried under a 2' deep snowpile.
Happy Saturday! Enjoy Ragnar and his family. :)

It is 65 here in Middle Earth. I am happy. The snow is finally gone. The Polar Vortex is on its way, but we got a breather. Yay. Plus, Dear One, you are in a serious drought, with charts and everything. Love the stripey mitts and the green thing is really lovely whateverthehellitis. Hugs!!!!

1. Stripey mitts FTW! But in the interest of full disclosure you need to show us where you changed colors.
B. What is the Green Thing Of Doom? Looks a little long to be a sock or fingerless glove. Pretty, though.
iii. I am so glad that you are happy! Happy is good.

Love the stripey mitts - very pretty. And yay for Happy and giggling.

Vikings: YUMMY! I'm just sad that I don't have cable and will have to wait till it comes out on DVD to watch S2. In the meantime, you'll have to drool over Ragnar for me. ;)

what what what???!! I would LOVE to hear your happy!
ps yes, also love your happy arm mitts

Oh, thanks for the link. I've been interested in watching Vikings but I hadn't been able to find a source that didn't cost money.

Love the mitts! What pattern did you use?

I'm glad you're happy, I like happy Cookie!!

I am picking up S1 at the library on Monday. There will be a Vikings-thon this week. YAY.

Love the green whatever-it-is ... details?! The stripey mitts are pretty fabulous, too.

Also glad you're happy!

I can see why you'd have a hard time parting with the stripey mitts!
The green thing is a cowl? For a swan?

What? What? Everything is done!? We haven't even begun with our flowers and it's been warm. The birds are out there starting they're spring fling, however.
You should be able to grieve as long as you want/need to grieve. Who cares what bitches think...this is about YOU! It's nice to hear there is good news.

You should share the happy. No matter what it is. (BTW-I owe you an email because I really want to answer the question you asked in your last email, but I've been thinking on it and really busy. Soon, I promise.)

I've got season 1 out from the library (it's over due). I watched 3 episodes last night and would have kept going if I had started earlier! N promised that if we have a passel of sons (not pregnant, not planning to be), I can name one Ragnar. Or maybe I'll just change the dog's name...

Oh wow, the stripey mitts are awesome! I've been rocking some striped fingerless gloves and glittens this season (not handmade, but for running/working out, so the sweat washabilitiy is needed, plus a dollar at the store!). The green thing kind of reminds me of opera gloves- long and tight. I bet the cable will look really neat puffed out a bit on the arm!

My tulips are trying to come up. Granted I planted the suckers last year and they epic failed, but what evs.

Glad it's sunny and nice and you're knitting! xo

The mitts are lovely! The green thing is too.
I think you should talk about whatever you want. It is your blog:)
I tried to get into Vikings but I got lost with all the people. The same thing happened with Game Of Thrones. I finally figure out who is who and how they are connected and then they die. Maybe I'll give it another try...

I like the mitts too! And I like the good news too. ;-) Hoot, hoot! Woot Woot!

Lovely Striped Mitts. What is the Green thing of Doom? I am glad that you are happy... and just so you know, even when I am envious of whatever has made someone happy, I still remain happy about it for them. Seems selfish to be otherwise. And now you have left me curious!

What's wrong with a little wonderful and happy?

The green thing of doom looks very nice. Love the color. What is the pattern behind it?

Stay well honey.

Wait, What? Where are these daffodils and tulips you speak of? You don't mean outdoors do you? The only thing we have outdoors is the vestiges of past snowstorms and the promise of another one over the weekend. I blame that groundhog.
I am happy to hear you are happy. :)

Cute mitts! They have such wonderful stripey goodness!

What is the green thing of doom? It is very pretty.

I'm glad you have good news and good days! xoxo

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