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Wednesday, February 05, 2014


Oh, dear. Itchy is not such a good thing for armwarmers. Soft and cozy. They're much better.

Should we call you Brunhilde?

Aargh. Now I have Elmer Fudd singing "Kill the Wabbit" running through my head.

Love the arm warmers. I like that simple patterns can rock a pattern. BUT, my favorite bit was "God, in this case, being Wagner..." Richard would have acknowledged that, I think.

Itchy isn't good. But if you're wearing layers, perhaps you can put them over your sleeves? The long pair of orange ones I made have the same thumb slit. I don't notice it when I push them back up on the wrist. You know, I think I have some of that yarn in my stash if you're interested.

I really like the opera glove look. (But not in "itchy" . . .)

So very pretty...the color....the offset ribbing. But the itching might not be so nice.
Current project a sweater sleeve? Or a sock?
Happy Wednesday evening!

Wagner? Seriously? Damn, you're a sophisticate. And,the arm warmers are beautiful. I'm sorry they're itchy. Send them to someone who might not itch. And, I'm with Marily. Another set of mitts, armwarmers, or socks? Happy Wednesday. We are currently as -1F windchill and getting colder as the night progresses. I'M DONE!

Just what I was going to say, Cindy....Wagner, opera? You ARE sophisticated, although itchy is a little odd for opera gloves. Soft yarn with good memory would be a nice way to go if you're going to put yourself through the 1x1 rib hell again.

I like those much more than I thought I would. Hmmmm.

Excellent armwarmers! I love that shade of pink, well the one I see on my monitor anyway.

Stripes! Fun! Great arm warmers. I can't believe they discontinued nature wool, it was super popular. I'm the workplace warmer-upper. I have no less than nine pairs of fingerless mitts, a shawl and a lap blanket in reach for cold fingers at work!

Usually if you're stripping for a blog and wearing opera gloves, the pictures show more than the opera gloves.

I think.

Pretty! The second pair looks good too. What do you mean, it's bigger now? How does that happen?

I like the back and forth of the pattern. And the Wagner threw me too. And itchy, well winter's giving me way more of that than I care for.

I believe Carrie K is right. :D

Lovely pink and they look nice and cozy.

Hope your weekend is pleasant!

*throws $1 bills at your bad ass self*

That is an ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS PATTERN! (Sorry to shout, but I am really excited about it.) Itchy sucks -- make the next pair from merino. Or thistle down, your choice.

The pink photo is actually one of the best arm-selfies out there. It is remarkably difficult to take a photo of one's own hand/arm. I know, I have tried. Ya did good, babe.

you just made me very interested in weaverknits. She seems cool and her designs are niftily inspired. Not a word. Ah well, you get me.

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