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Monday, February 10, 2014


Wet and drizzly here. You must be sending it our direction. No complaints, however.
Fabulous! Cool.

I'm glad you had a nice weekend! It's been very squishy here, too. At least it's melting the snow in the yard. It may even be in the 50's by the end of the week. (In February. Wild.)

A fabulous knit? Awesome! Good for you. Did we ever see the wedding veil? Cuz I don't remember it, but my brain isn't always functional.

Yay for the drizzle?
Ooo. Chocolate.
My curiosity is piqued about the fabulous knitting!
Happy Monday!

yay for laughter, people who love you anyway, knitting, and chocolate!

dry here. but still really effing cold - though our "high" of 3F feels almost balmy in comparison to the long stretch of below-zero (yeah, that was the "high" temps) that we've had.

I want to move on to a Fabulous Thing for myself (this is a problem as I tend to give away stuff as soon as it comes off the needles!). Many WIPs to finish first. And I have to check Ravelry for baby stuff, as my sister is going to be having TWINS (if everything goes well this time around). Super, super excited about that!

Happy Monday, Cookie!

Ugh, after the snow and freezing rain we had, you can keep all the moisture! I actually spun this weekend, for the first time in years. A bobbin of camel silk, it was lovely- now to force myself to finish! Looking forward to the FO!

I just came back from Pasadena and found my raincoat in the hall closet right where I left it. Bastard.

Snow snow snow snow snow and flu. Send chocolate!!! (not really ;-)

I was so happy to get home yesterday I walked to the employee parking lot in the drizzle. Loved it because it's not snow, cold or on an airplane.

Chocolate was purchased today, just saying. Can't keep resisting all that v-day advertising. Happy drying!

Love Dove chocolate. And, I'd settle for anything above freezing right now. Hugs, hunny!!!!!!!!

The roads are going to ice. Schools are already shutting down! But we'll be in the high 60's Wednesday . I'm confused!

Cold here but a promise of less frigidity to come. :D


Hope you're drying out! And the project please tell us more! And the fact that I'm reading this Wednesday should give you an indication of my week! ;-)

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