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Thursday, February 27, 2014


Beautiful yarn! I find a trip to the yarn store is often what's needed when things are blah.
Your color changes look spectacular!
A corgi would be so much fun!


Vikings. Ragnar. Can I pretend to be England so he can invade me?

Look at corgis. Pet corgis. Do not bring home a corgi. Maybe just pictures. Love the yarn! And, the stripey mitt is certainly lovely. Hope the Friday is wonderful. This has been a sucky week! Hugs!!!!

I think a Corgi sounds like a really fine idea. (And I DO mean the bringing-one-home part.) So glad your LYS brings sunshine to a cloudy day. (I don't have one of those.) Your yarn choices make me smile. I need some pink and purple in my life right now.

Lots of pink in your world. I hear your weather is rather wet and dreary and you're sending it all this way. We'd rather have snow, just so you know.
Love all the pink going on with the yarn and the color change on the mitts, too.
Kym's right. Just what you need is a corgi (or maybe a kitty).

OMG I met the most adorable Corgi named Annie last weekend. I completely support and am willing to enable this idea! Hope you're staying dry!

Even I want a Corgi, and I'm so totally NOT a dog person...
Love the color changes! What a beautiful solution to carrying yarn up.

Corgis are definitely cute.
Love how the color changes on those mitts works.

I hope today is better. It hasn't been Vikings with me, but House of Cards. Do you have plans for the stripey sock yarns? I love the color changes from those mitts! xoxo

There is a corgi on the Vikings show. I'm totally watching. Also, I would adore a corgi.

Hooray for lovely yarn shops. A good one always makes you feel like a fabulous spring day when leaving.

The sock yarn is perfect. Love the colors! You'll get to the sweater when you get to it...or not. I'm kinda over my sweater at this point.
Corgi?? They are cute little critters.
Did you find Vikings a little extra bloody and gruesome this time? Even DH commented on the gore.

Some yarn shops (and other various places) are so wonderful to visit. The last shop in my area like that went away. Love the stripe-y goodness, especially the color changes.

I hope you're feeling better by now.

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