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Saturday, February 15, 2014


Love the yarn and whatever the heck it is you're knitting. You sound simply wonderful, Dear One. I'm so glad. I'm sorry about the lunch, but planning is usually a good thing. Then again, serendipity makes the world go round. Enjoy the warm. Sorry about the drought. That can be rather frightening. And Colin Farrell in "Winters Tale"? I don't care if he has a silly haircut or not, I wanna see him.

I could ship you some snow - did you see the pictures I posted to faceyspace? We have at least 15"on the ground, and it has finally stopped.

We got Chinese for dinner last night, so we had the leftovers for lunch. Of course I have no idea what we're going to do for dinner, of course :-D

Look at you! Explaining things so I'm not bewildered as usual.

I love the yarn, and it sounds like you get to spend your day creating more.

His hair is really, really stupid in the new movie promos.

Have fun!!

I'm going to go get more wood for the fire, so I can be warm in the living room, dodging snowflakes on the way. Maybe I'll spin tonight while watching the Olympics, and drinking some of my tea later.:-)

Oh, that yarn brings back memories! I knit myself a sweater out of similar Aran-weight dark olive tweed back in ::counts on fingers:: 1973. I loved it and wore it and I don't know what happened to it. Kinda think I frogged it but I could never find the yarn so who knows.

Wait. Where did you get YOUR yarn? Have you been in my stash room?

Grrlfriends are the best and so is giggling and have a good day! It's warm and gray here. I'm sick of gray but I LOVE the longer days! There. I said it!

Love it that life is good! I think I recognize that mug. ;)
I hope you get rain/more rain. Been through dry times and it's not so much fun. And it can bring it's own array of allergies etc.
As usual I'm late again so Happy Sunday!

That girlfriend thing is a gift. We're lucky, lucky ladies!

Much love to you and joy for the good in your life! xoxo

That is such a warm and cozy photo. I'll overlook the open window. For now.

Gratefulness gets me through a lot of days.


Send me your address and I will send you waterproof boxes of snow that will melt all your rain troubles away. Seriously. No charge. :) Thankfully, I am knitting a scarf that should see some wear for the giftee this year.
I am happy to hear you let go of some bad. It really can be uplifting.
I want to see that movie too although I need so some of the Oscar movies first. :)
hugs x

So good to hear the happy in your words.

Lovely photo, looks so relaxing and peaceful! We have had plenty of rain this last week, I would be happy to send it south!

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