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Saturday, February 01, 2014


That looks so much like our sunrise on Thursday. So beautiful and then, gray. I thought you loved the pink sleeves of doom? You must really love that cold friend of yours to give them up. I might need to find out what Helix is. Probably not available to me,but that's nothing new. And, that whole deciding what's best for you? Welcome to the club.........

Pink sleeves of doom? Let's talk pink. And doom. I'm planning to start an excruciatingly oversized longsleeved top. In pink laceweight held double. Yes, I have lost my mind.

I keep thinking I want to knit for the knitting Olympics, how much I would love to knit a big silk shawl- then I think about the one sitting for like three years in the neglected knitting pile. Maybe a hat?

Ooo, a very pretty Saturday sky. All apricoty and purple. :)
Yay! You got the other sleeve done!
Locks to spin? Sounds intriguing.

I've got some yak for you. I'm sending you yak.
No matter the color of the sky, I'm just happy to see it now that the dreaded inversion is gone.We all want what we know is not good for us.

Lovely sky.

It is nice when the good for you is the same as the want--too bad it doesn't happen that often for me.

Spinning sounds fun. I've got some mohair locks in my stash somewhere because they were pretty.

I personally wouldn't mind seeing some boring blue sky...just saying'. A storm of drizzle wouldn't be bad either. On the other hand, driving in snow and/or bone-snapping cold is very exciting and brings with it a little something extra in the live/die spectrum...Not really your responsibility, however.

I'm digging Helix, but watching it online without live TV is....complicated.

Lovely sky! I think all sleeves are evil. (Hates 'em.) As far as the decisions . . . I think listening to your heart is usually the way to go.

Beautiful sky!
If you gift the sleeves you will be able to knit more:) That is always good.
I'm off to figure out what Helix is and wondering if I need something else to watch:)

I have some cupcake for you too, don't I? And the choices...hard but I think Kym has the right advice!

And now the drought has been averted! Dancing in the streets!

Best. Want. Need. Eh. The whole thing is a crap shoot, IMO.

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