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Friday, January 10, 2014


Cormo. Yummy. Drool.

That's so pretty! I have some Fox Hill Farm yarn I should knit. Their stuff is lovely.
I hope you have a fantastic weekend:)

Is that another hat in it's natural state? :D
Have a super weekend!!

Very nice! I can't wait to learn more about the plan for you your lovely new yarn. xo

Yummy! Bet that would show cables well.

So pretty.

Oh, that's nice.

That is mighty pretty. Are you going to finish that before starting your new loveliness or just chuck it in a bag for the time being?

As always, it looks fabulous. Whatever you make it will be cozy and warm! xox

Love, love, love. It is beautiful.

Ooh, love the natural color but also the potential for color- hard to decide! Lovely.

That looks fabulous. Can't wait to see what you're going to do with it!!!

I think that pretty pretty yarn wants to be Frost
which is my favorite hat pattern.
But that's just me...


Looks very nice and soft!

I have been buying the Fox Hill Farm cormo yarn for years. I currently have two sweaters (that I actually wear!) in the closet as I type. That stuff is awesome. I feel a tinge jealous you've got some on the go. Enjoy it!

Plans are good - they give you more to look forward to. Of course, as I'm deep in the middle of Jack Reacher books, I should probably also add that plans seldom survive first contact with the enemy. Not sure what the knitting equivalent is, but I'm thinking that's related to gauge swatches.

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