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Tuesday, January 14, 2014


I saw a sweater with cables and seed stitch yesterday but of course now I don't remember where and I didn't put it in my Rav faves. So no link for you, sorry.

Bad mitt pattern, for making you cry!
The socks are great and the mitts too...very Very Pink. :D
You are looking at other sweater patterns? You want help with that or should I scold you for being fickle to the pattern you have waiting for you?!? ;)

Crying over knitting? You should just get out the scissors. It's what I do, but then you can't reknit the yarn.
I found a friend in the spam today! Glad you said something or I wouldn't have looked.

My comments probably belong in a spam folder.

Cute socks! Nice cable. Yes, knit a sweater! With cables and seed stitch. Prettttttty.

I like Carrie K! Sweaters with cables and seed stitch! How fun!

Cables and seed stitch and bears OH MY!!

Cables and seed stitch = sweater. It is Meant To Be, so you might as well cave to the inevitable.

The mitts are lovely. That pink will be good to brighten a winter's day.

Sweater! Sweater!

Ooh the pink mitts of the moment are lovely. I just made a Venetia hat http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/venetia which may or may not get blogged due to my yarn color choice. It is a good pattern - charts, colors, faux cables.

I find that crying while knitting makes for very wet wool. And making increases while crying should be expected right now. Oh, and BTW, I don't mind being the with the fake Louis people, but will not tolerate the tiny penis people. Thankyouverymuch.

The socks are really lovely--both in pattern and color. They look great with denim.

Yes, definitely pink! and the pattern is very cool.

A sweater will keep you busier longer?

Looks like you're doing plenty of good knitting. I've got sweater lots of yarn and patterns that have been set aside for years & I haven't started them, so looking at patterns isn't a guarantee that something will happen.

Oooh, the suspense. Will I turn into spam or show up in the inbox?

Fancy cable work there! Perfect for a bright spot of color in the dreary winter grey.

Those are pretty socks!

I'm sorry the tears are interfering with things. Although, sometimes they are the best way to let it out, and if that is the case, I am glad you are not blocked.

Oh, those are going to be such lovely mitts! xoxo

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