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Saturday, January 18, 2014


I'm afraid...not really. It's just colorwork, not brain surgery.

The mitts are great and moving up the list of "to do".

Will wrestle you for the cormo. It's the best stuff and the yarn you made looks great. I hope you get to knitting it up soon. Yum.

Have you seen Colin lately? He's a bit worse for the wear I'm afraid. Still, he beats anything I find anymore. Lovelovelove the mitts and the cormo is beautiful, hunny. Simply beautiful!

I especially love the fold-up cuffs at the fingers -- my next pair of fingerless gloves will have those. Also the cables. I love cables.

The yarn looks wonderful and the mitts' picture did turn out excellent! :D
Some of the ladies at knitting did a Knit Picks colorwork hat/cowl thingy. Very pretty...should I find it and torture you with more patterns?? ;)
I DO remember phone booths. Before cell phones did away with them!

Ooh - I never saw that movie. Good? Not that it matters with Colin, I suppose.

Sigh. I'd settle for spending the weekend with the cormo.

Such pretty mitts!

There were phone booths in Budapest. Brightly colored ones. Yellow and green on the outside, with a blue phone and pink handset.

Damn does he look *young* or what in that movie?

You made the cormo look even softer!
Pssshaw! You'll ace the color work, have no fear.
Who knew the phone booths we loved as children would disappear in our lifetimes? Change is a constant.

I love the cables with the seed stitch inside! I'm a total fool for seed stitch. (The looking-at-it; not so much the knitting-it.) As for Colin . . . . sigh.

Ooh, color work hats. I always stranded too tightly. I got better, but that damn thing called gauge is always waiting to haunt me, I swear. The mitts turned out fabulous, but I'm drooling over the yarn. Makes me want to drag out some silk and cast on a shawl, when I have another perfectly good silk shawl waiting in the wings for- gasp- three years at least now? Yikes.

Those mitts are gorgeous.

Soft, bouncy, exactly what you wanted, and you know what you want to do with it? It doesn't get much better than that. I hope you find the time soon.

Your mitts are gorgeous!

Are the sleeves with the gray yarn? What is the colorwork hat pattern? xo

Marvelous mitts! Pink is a lovely accent to gray and black.

Unfortunately, I am completely ignorate of the Colin. I hope the weekend was good. :D

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