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Wednesday, January 08, 2014


I'd prefer doing shots with you.

Happy New Year.

The sad thing is that I don't believe the people you are talking about will get it. Self awareness is a rare gift indeed! Love you and encourage to you start my new mantra "I refuse to accept this (or, you) as a problem."

Shotsssssssssssss. Yes, shots. Doing the shots, not taking the shots.

Someone said we're all doing shots? I'm in.

SHOTS! What kind?

Yes! Let's do shots! I keep telling myself "you are not that person". Anything someone says about you is really about them. Pot shots are just that...going nowhere. You're fabulous, in my book. Remember it. :) xoxox

I still get confused. Is she taking shots or trying to be funny, witty, whatever and failing badly? I try to give people the benefit of the doubt, but I understand the frustration of having to figure out what they really mean or where they're coming from. Of course, some people are just mean/ unhappy and need that shit in their lives.

I've learned from being on fb with my great-nieces that some people can't live without drama in their lives and if it isn't there they create it. Hope the drama and pot-shot-taking goes away.
Looking forward to seeing the hat!!

Did I miss the shots (the alcoholic ones, not the pot shots)? I'm in for the doing of shots....what time, where?! Oh, am I sounding too desperate? I am turning a big number tomorrow and becoming a grandmother in August and drinking seems like a plan at the moment.

I tend not to read previous comments when commenting myself, so I have no idea what you are talking about. How could anyone not like you? I find you hilarious and honest and entertaining, not to mention a fabulous knitter and spinner.

So there.

I love the hat I'm working on too. And taking shots...grow up people! Now the other kind of shots...;-)

I'm sorry people are being unkind to you. I know how that can take its toll. I hope more niceness makes its way to you soon, and that always, you are making the niceness to yourself. xoxo

What kmkat said. You are one of my favorite humans.
And I'm in, too, with the doing shots. Here's to you, sweetheart!

Maybe you should be doing the shots before reading the comments!! And I must say, I have never understood the way people would rather complain, rant, and try to get negative attention instead of just shutting up and looking more intelligent than they really are. I used to only feel that way in relation to politics. But the internet changed all that. And not for the better. But that's why I usually don't bother reading the comments.

*gets the tequila bottle* Did someone say shots??

Haha, I like that everyone is suggesting doing shots, sounds like a good party. Why would anyone spend time reading and commenting on a blog they don't like? My feed reader is too long already, beween the knitting and food blogs, cute overload and the fail blog.

Ignore the bitches.

I come for the knitting and spinning and now
the shots.

P.S. I only do tequila shots. Are you with me? I see Datagoddess is on team T!!! Good time guaranteed. xo

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