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Thursday, January 30, 2014


Such pretty purpleness!
Glad you are better and that it is still raining. WooHoo!
I voted a few days ago! I'm hoping to knit on the stranded sweater. /crossing fingers

I suck at knowing what to do with my handspun. I have all these single skeins that are so pretty that way, but mine are not always so great knitted up.

So glad to hear you're feeling better. Growing pains - blech.

It's raining here, too - and that's a good thing. Much needed water, and getting rid of the yuckky inversion.

Beautiful yarn!

I could hardly get past the name of the fiber! Pissed of Purple Punk Princess! Oh wait, now I get it. It was named for you. duh
Yay! The inversion is gone!

Goodness that yarn is gorgeous! I look forward to seeing what you knit with it.

stop making me want to try to make my own yarn. Seriously gorgeous - and it makes me realize that I have no purple-y goodness in my "good yarn" stash. Must remedy that, soon. I've never really counted purple as one of my favorite colors, but your picture has made me seen the error of my ways.

Are the weather people crazy? That storm has totally ended the drought! Totally!

One by one ribbing. I'll trade you the payroll returns.

Pretty, pretty purple! It will tell you what it wants to be in due time.

Oh, yeah. The Olympics. I should probably come up with a project.

At least it wasn't Daft Punk princess and turn from some weird metallic/plastic fiber into two old French guys.

How wonderfully random. The yarn is beautiful. I have checked in. Yes, I am a stalker. And, Happy Friday, Dumplin'!!!!

Very very pretty yarn!

You know, I clicked on the link and almost bought some fiber. Then I remembered I don't spin. Lol! They sure have some pretty stuff.

I hope this is a better weekend for you. We could all do with a lot less of rocky. :)

What's this, you have cranky pants? :) xox

Pretty yarn! I love rich purples, and that has all my favorite shades!

That yarn is beautiful! Glad the clouds are clearing in all senses. And I am not a member of TCP but I do read along!

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