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Thursday, January 02, 2014


Crackers forever!

How thin was your first choice? Because the pattern is pretty easy to adjust. As written, the mitts are pretty stretchy. So unless the yarn is *really* thin, you could probably use it. Or add stitches.

Just sayin'. ;)

Glad you're happy and doing better.

I have NOT yet stopped snacking enough to blog. Maybe tomorrow. I'm so glad you're doing well and doing better. And the yarns are beautiful. Both.

You should have some cranberry apple chutney with your cheese and crackers. Divine! Also, I'm very hurt that I don't get emailed baby pictures. Just sayin'.

Butter Toffee almonds. Oh those sound so wonderful. (And so bad for the blood sugar.) I'll just have to imagine I'm having one.

On the yarn front, I really like the blue. I've got the pattern now all I have to do is select yarn from my supply. The only hard part is that most of my stash especially all of my handspun is in a storage unit a few miles away. No problem except for the icy roads, which this town is horrible at clearing. (I'm tempted to get a bobcat with a snow shovel. Then all I'd have to do is learn how to drive it.)

Alias. I've got plans for that.

Happy? Toffee almonds?
Life is good.

The yarn on top is happy. I like that one.

In my total derp-ness, I followed your link, then got suuuuuuuper excited teh pattern was free. Only to see that's from a month ago. And now I wonder if I did download it then...?

(er, looks like I did. glad I consistently jump on the free pretty stuff)

Toffee almonds on crackers? I've heard worse.

You should just knit it. Then frog it, then reknit it. The way I do. Your FO's will plunge exponentially.

First off, I am so glad you are happy, doing well, and doing better! I've been thinking of you often and hoping for good things.

If you do not have the kind of yarn you need for your pattern, I'm sure I have something that would work I can send to you.

Enjoy your snacks and your show! xo

Happy is good, but contentment lasts longer. Crackers and cheese are good for you. I love the top yarn, but are you telling me you only have two choices in your handspun? Seriously? Just two? Hugs and happy Thursday/Friday!

Ponder away. There is no need to jump into something you're unsure of doing. Snacking is good for the soul. There's something quite wonderful about a salty cracker and a creamy, flavorful cheese. Top it with toffee. omg yummy

Crackers are the vehicle to food heaven. (Deep this morning huh?) Glad you're feeling well, cranking out the t.v. and knitting and writing to us. TGIF my friend! xo

I love the purple and I'm not a purple girl. Is that the one that needs plying?

I'm all about cheese and crackers lately! Yum! Pretty yarn, even if it won't work out. Nice to look at, at least!

Snacking post holidays clears out the fridge & reduces the amount of cooking I need to do. It's perfect.

I'm having a hard time believing that you don't have the right yarn somewhere.

Ah the siren song of Alias. LOVE that mitt pattern and the nails too.

You are happy? Yay! (And what have you done with Cookie?)

Either yarn look great to me. The mitt pattern is really a nice one:)
Glad your 2014 is off to a positive start!

We have a ton of leftovers that go on crackers. I could send them your way... ;)
Yay! Love to hear that you are happy and doing better.

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