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Sunday, January 05, 2014


I like them both. Win-win. For sure.
(Thunderbirds. My high school mascot! Go, T-birds! Mighty, mighty T-birds!)

I love those socks! You can tell the left from the right or the right from the left. If I see purple, we will be chatting, Missy.

Love it! I keep thinking that some day I'm going to knit a pair of socks using the same yarn but different patterns on each sock. So far my OCD Inner Perfectionist won't let me do it...

They are cute socks, any which way you look at them. I'm always a bit stressed by toe ups, the inner mantra is always are they long enough now? Now? Now? Then the bind off anticipation...

Well enough crazy, more hats please!

It's cool this way.

I will take better meds, please.

How do you do that? The pattern goes one way and then you switch? That's so cool! You're smarter than I because it would be too hard for my pea brain to figure out how to switch.

I'm with Margene, that would be challenging! They look good though. Happy Monday!

"fake my own death to escape people who find me fascinating. Yeah, folks who need better meds."

I resemble that remark, missy! ;) Love that you switched up the sock pattern. But will you designate one as right and the other as left, or just wear them willy-nilly?

Those socks are both coming and going. I think I love it!
Ooo, egg salad. I've been thinking of that for a week or more. Maybe I'll make some too...use up that surplus of eggs I seem to have acquired.

I like it. It looks like one sock is a continuation of the other.

Oh, I have been there in the cable land! Who needs symmetrical cables, anyhow? The socks look very warm and would do well with the persistent cold weather here. I showed off a pair of handknit socks to a coworker the other day and earned the shock of 'holy cow you can make that yourself!' Since its been a while, it was rather nice. I also noticed my feet stayed warmer than with regular socks, because duh! Hand knit is always better.

I've knit fraternal twin socks before, too! I can't be tied down to one pattern...and who's going to know when they're inside my shoes?!

How was the egg salad?

Nice socks. Glad you've figured out the yarn dilemma. I had a feeling that problem had a solution.

They are so pretty! I like the different directions on each sock. If you had not told me that it was knit differently than the pattern intended, I would not have known. I think my only problem would be some imagined idea of which direction was meant for which foot, and I would probably not ever be able to settle on it, but keep switching them each time I wore them. Guess that's my way of volunteering the information that there are not good enough pmeds in the world right now to fix me.

Here's hoping the fiber stays out of the egg salad and vice versa. xoxo

I like the socks a lot like that , I think that should be a thing, why should they be identical?

Love them!
And I think they should be re-named the Willy Nilly socks.

I've heard that about you.

Oooooh. It took me a surprisingly long time to see the reversed cables. For some reason I thought you meant you knit one toe up and the other cuff down. And this totally hid the cables. Totally.

I love the socks. I think knitting the chart both ways makes for a much more interesting and fun pair of socks!

I looked at the socks and didn't see the difference until the third look. Call me blind.

I think they look awesome with the pattern going different ways. Did it help make the second sock more interesting?

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