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Sunday, January 26, 2014


Those are really classic. Love 'em!

People who knit by throwing are not overly fond of 1x1. I know as I'm one of them. The mitts and hat are really cool in color work. A friend made the pair and they turned out very great. A hats a great way to try color work. You can do it, you're smarter than the pattern (and the yarn). Yes you are.

Stay young at heart...it doesn't matter what the number is as long as you think young!
Cute mitts! And the hat will be too. I'm acquainted with sizing issues. o.0 Hope it turns out. :)
I still have a colorwork hat/cowl combo that I could tell you about...it's really cute and the kit is purple and grey. Tempting???

Those are great. Personally, I adore gray so I think you're right on trend. If you made a multi colored it could be a good way to use up those little bits of yarn one ends up with...unless you're not at all like me.

The hat pattern is great too. I hope that you get around to that one too. You are apparently my pattern trail blazer today.

1x1 rib sucks for pickers, too!

Oooh! Please knit the hat! I love it! I look terrible in hats, so I love that other people get to knit and wear the ones I like. And you know, you knitting this hat is all about me. ;)

I love armwarmers.

So beautiful!!! and the color is one of my favorites.


Your arm warmers are lovely! I have this pattern and will have to knit them now that I've read your review:)

I love those... very subtle. I am working on the car seat blanket and only the car seat blanket until it is done. I say that because the other things that I am working on are in time out for behaving very badly. One project actually added 50 stitches all by itself...because I can't have counted wrong in my 961 stitch cast on.
And I am with you on the how to not have birthdays while still being alive bit. Mine was about a week before yours and I draw the at 55. I cannot be 55 I tell you, so any more is out of the question because in my mind I am not a day over 40, even if my joints are telling me otherwise.

What a lovely surprise. Nice arm warmers too. Emjioy.

They are just lovely. Love the little detail and the color. Nice job girl!

Very nice. And I'm sure you can figure out a way to manage that birthday thing!

When we were much younger, DH worked for a minor league baseball team, and sat in the booth next to the scoreboard keeper. Every time I went to a game, it was magically my birthday. I would be 105 if all those birthdays had counted. Your issue is the opposite, but I'm sure there is magic there, too!

Cute! Now you need to knit a sweater.


Sweet! Cute patterns, too.

I forgot I was a different age number until last week. It really doesn't matter. Age does not define you. Especially you. xox

Love the little stitch detail.

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