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Tuesday, January 21, 2014


Sounds like a busy weekend.

You want some snow? I could send you some. We are in the process of receiving an overabundance.

Really? The Vikings are starting in Feb? Thought it was in March sometime. Thanks for the head's up. :)
I'd gladly ship you snow and freezing temps if you are interested. Just have to figure out a way to send enough to make it worthwhile. ;)

I honestly don't think the Vikings were quite that beautiful. And, love the mitts and can't wait to see them. I'm sending sub-zero weather your way. Hopefully, it's not just a wish, but a promise. Of course, your house isn't insulated enough, is it? Hugs, hunny.

Wow. That's a lot of Colin Farrell! Your weather makes me weep. Another sub-zero-with-more-snow day here. It's going to be a long time before my windows are open . . .

Sure would like some of that warmth. We just have unhealthy, killer air. You've been busy, busy.

I've just named puppy Luther and nobody gets why! Thank god you get it. Your weekend sounds amazing and I am jealous in an ugly way.

Team Crankypants Forevah!

My first thought was "no honey, the Vikings aren't in the Super Bowl." Then I clicked. Looks like they act very angsty, lots o' grimaces.

We shall have to come up with a rain dance soon or we'll be having to make nice with our neighbors to the north for some of their water.

I would totally fall face down into that elk! What colors are you using on the gloves! Crankypants!

Would sell my soul to open the window! Colin Farrell and pizza, now that's heaven.


Gorgeous hat and armwarmers!

and can you send some of your warm my way? we're under a windchill advisory until noon Thursday. Blecch. This 40-below-and-worse is...beyond depressing.

We're in the sub-frigid range up here, too. *sigh*

I have been busy with work...ugh. But I did just add my two cents worth to CrankyPants.

Mmmm. Steak and bacon. Laughter is good.

I think this cold weather has my body starting to default into hibernation. I envy your open windows. Well, I could open mine but then there would be kitty-popsicles. No body wants that.

As I type, I'm watching a deer vacuum out one of the bird feeders…… I'm surprised the birds aren't trying to scare her off.

Happy Thursday, sweetie.


Oh, *that* Colin Farrell. (No, I don't know another one.)

I saw an ad for The Vikings the other night. WOW.

At least we have cold nights.

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