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Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Oh dear. I'm sorry you've had more sad news, sweetie.

Sorry about the bad news:(
I like the sleeve. Maybe you'll find time to chat on the phone and knit another one.

Sorry that you had more sad news. You're right, though... healthy relationships are very healing. Glad that you have some in your life.

Very unhappy to hear you've had more sad news in your life. Sending extra hugs to you. xoxo

I'm sorry to hear about the sad news, but glad you have folks who are near & dear to lean on.

Second Sleeve? I sense a Summer of Sleeves in the making!

Huggles. I love the pink sleeve, but I thought you still had two arms?

More bad news? So sorry to hear that. Not what you need, that is for sure.
The pink sleeve is very pretty. But you kinda need two...?
Take care.

I'm sorry you have had bad news.
Yup, still reading even though the knitting mojo has taken a vacation. I am living vicariously through your lovely knitting.

sorry to hear you've gotten more sad/bad. hopefully it stops soon, or at least gives you a break! lean on your friends as needed.

Hugs to you.

A hug. And I hope you'll get to spend some quality phone time with some of your friends so you can get a second sleeve.

Hey, I'm back! What did I miss? Just kidding. Hi, Cookie! I completely ditched blogland, both reading and writing, back in October. I've quite enjoyed the vacation. Hey, are we doing anything Crankywise for the Olympics? Hmm, do I knit or spin? Life has been both good and bad and I think I'm ready for some kind of challenge. Buck up, babe. We're here for you. Let me know if I need to send chocolate.

Just sending hugs from me and purrs from The Squeaks.

So sorry about the sad news. Take care.


The pink is yummy despite the 1x1.

I am so very sorry for your sad news. xox

I'm sorry about sad news, you most certainly don't need anymore.

I must also second (or third) the notion of two arms, two sleeves. Dull but necessary. And it's lovely pink yummyness.

You could always give it to someone with only one arm?

You live in California, sweetie. A one-armed sweater could be the newest fashion fad...

I'm sorry to hear you got hit by more sad news. You're due a break, I think.

Sleeves are bad enough, but RIBBED sleeves? You are a better man than I am, Gunga Din!

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