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Monday, December 09, 2013


Oh my gosh! Thank you for the info and directions. I totally thought it wasn't working..... Thanks thanks! Now I only have about 30 days of knitting to work on during the 7 days I get off for winter break...


It's not just your ravatar that I like, silly lady! You da bomb... or whatever it is that the cool kids are saying these days.

Thanks for sharing my pattern. Smooches!

Love the mitts, Maureen. Thank you, Cookie. So, what did you buy????? What are you knitting? I feel out of the loop. Get a little sick and look what happens. I'm feeling enough better that I'm grumpy.

I RAN over to Maureen's store to snap those up! Love, love love. I hope you make those too! We can be twins.

I've found with Craftsy classes, I like to watch them on my TV since I usually do sewing classes so it's easier to sew along. Watching on a laptop on the ironing board then trying to follow along sucks for that. My tv doesn't connect to the internet (or if it does I don't know it does) so I connect the laptop to the tv and follow along there. Might be good with knitting class too.

Great mitts - thanks for the heads up. And at least the cables don't look like lady parts, like some other nameless pattern.

You are an enabler, but of the good kind.

The mitts are super cute! Thanks for sharing:)
What class are you taking? I've taken one and I loved it.

I hope your new sweater fits you better than the one I just finished...or maybe that is what the class is about.
Free? Nice.


Perhaps because this pattern has your ringing endorsement, it is the hottest pattern trending on Ravelry right now.

Free lovely cabled mitts! Might be enough to break me out of my non knitting rut. The lingering snow (nearly a week now,) has given me a great chance to show off my knitted woolen collection.

Thanks for the heads up on the great mitt pattern!!

Thank you to Maureen and to you! Lovely pattern!
I just had to rip out most of a hat I've been working on, and since it's fingering weight doubleknit, that was a lot of ripping... *sigh* Hope your luck is better with your hat.

Hello! And thank-you very much - I've got a pair going that need to be ripped, now I can change them! Because you know how fast my knitting goes. ;-) Sorry 'bout the hat!

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