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Wednesday, December 04, 2013


Ummm. Buy more fiber?

I looked at the cowl pattern. There is for sure a difference between what you have and what is needed.
You do say that you don't think you have enough every once in awhile. ;) This time you might be right!! Sorry...

I'm pretty sure there's another pattern out there with that yarn's name on it. It might have been a bit of a challenge to spin, but it sure is pretty.

You tackle fiber the rest of us would run from spinning. You'll find something even more suitable for the yarn. Sure is a pretty color!

It's a beautiful color! I'd like to see this process someday!

I made a Gap-tastic that was only half as wide as the pattern called for, and it was still pretty big. It took about 166 yards of Cascade 128.

The yarn from Imperial Stock Ranch is kind of rustic too, but it seems nice in the LYS samples I've fondled - especially a shawl called Ashby that was knit in their Columbia (worsted).

I think the cowl would still be fabulous even if it were only 239/306ths as tall. Srsly. It will be gorgeous and warm.

Tweedy is right! It does remind me of thrums or an especially neppy "rustic" roving. Pretty result, maybe a chunky hat?

That looks like nice cushy yarn! Sometimes, there's never enough handspun….

Your yarn is so pretty. I bet the perfect pattern is out there:)

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