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Sunday, December 15, 2013


Red usually resists picture taking. It's so naughty that way!
I was just asked to make another pair of mittens by my sister but they are just thumbless mittens for her 2 yr old great grandson so it won't be much of a job. But I'm definitely with you on being tired of knitting pairs!

Love the bowl. :)

"Winter Season of Greed". Perfect. I do as little as possible.

Iagree with you on the pairs thing, but need to actually do one of a pair to get tired of it. Love the bowl. Is it china or metal? I can't tell from here.

It's nice to have a fellowship of friends who do not participate in the "season". I am happy about have a few days off work, however. Easens Grez!

Lovely bowl!

I do participate in the Season of Greed. And this year, it's not even bringing me down. :-) (But it's definitely cutting into my knitting time. . .)

I know just what you mean about facing that second one. I've been all about the quick FO high lately.

Season of Greed - like it. I'm participating and winning! But, I'd much rather make time for a phone call! xo

Beautiful bowl. I have a similarly styled plant that was my husband's Grandmother's. Love to use it to pretty things up. I wonder why I never thought of photographing yarn on it. (Probably cause I rarely actually remember to take a photo of the yarn or the finished project.)

Beautiful bowl. I think my mom has (or had, she downsized last year, so it may be that I now have it) one much like it.

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