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Monday, December 23, 2013


My mom has a thick blue "crystal" dish that the canned cranberry sauce fits in perfectly, so I suspect it was made to do so. Mom has never cut it up before serving it.

I hate that stuff, so you can have all of mine ;-)

The box is wonderful, isn't it? No warnings or directions. Just look at the box. And, I love it. So very pretty and such wonderful memories. Thanks, dumplin', for sharing it!

Your try is a keepsake, especially in the box. You really should use it!! My mom's stuff is older, cr 1950-60 and we never had one quiet so fancy as yours. Mom cut and served hers nicely overlapped so it looked pretty. I wasn't a fan of the jiggly stuff.

I love it! I didn't know such a thing existed. It's so pretty and what wonderful memories. I never got to eat the canned cranberries when I was a kid. Mom always cooked them from whole berries...

Loved that stuff. Mum always precut-- you want to talk portion control? 5 boys! I, as the only girl, was taught proper slicing. Use the "ribs" along the central part of the can impression as a guide. I like it best with salt!

What a beautiful piece! And that spoon is really special. I resist cutting it...but I want to!

I LOVE it! Although we didn't have such a set, I know my mom would've wanted one of her own.

That is a treasure.
I love cranberries in all of their incarnations.
Since transplanting to NM we have developed a love of NM green chile. Try making whole berry cranberry sauce with chopped green chile. It is fabulous.

Fabulous! My mom usually made sauce from scratch, but I do remember her serving it from the can a few times - probably when I was really young. I don't think we had any sort of fancy serving dish, though. I loved her homemade stuff, but I freely admit that I will happily eat the canned stuff, too. Or at least, I did. Haven't had it in so many years that I'm not sure what I'd think of it now.

Color me jealous. My mom had a dish/plate that she always used for the jellied cranberry stuff straight from the can and she never used it for anything else. I think I have it, packed away somewhere. Someday...

I have a dish that I use for the canned cranberry sauce, but it's not quite as perfect as yours. The jellied is my favorite, and also the favorite of my kids. I even use it year round when I make a turkey sandwich and want it to feel special.

1978 is not that long ago. It isn't!

My mom loves cranberry sauce.

That is an absolutely fantastic serving dish for cranberry sauce! It never had it so fancy! I love great vintage bake and serve ware.

Omg. We had a conversation at the dinner table about the cranberry sauce of our childhood. I think I will pick up a can and impress everyone with my culinary skill. :)
Green sauce pot roast? Sounds interesting.

My mother has a similar set! She still serves our cranberry sauce (from a can of course) sliced on the serving plate at Thanksgiving:)

Cranberry jelly straight from the can is one of Her Ladyship's favorite snacks.

My mother has that server, but not the special dish.

Of course you slice the jelly before serving! And, if you're in my mother's house, fan them into an artful circle, with a sprig of parsley as the final decorative touch.

We never sliced the cranberry jelly, and I'm not sure we ever ate it! But it was supposed to be served with turkey, and so it was.

Your cranberry set is awesome. I love 1970's packaging. Did you see my post with the K-tel Knitter? The pictures are a hoot! http://pdxknitterati.com/2013/03/28/treasures-in-the-attic-70s-edition/

I have my great grandmother's silver set from the 1920's and it has a cranberry slicer. As far as I know, it exists for children who are allowed to set the table with the good silver to pick up and ask "what is this for?" Since we've always made it ourselves, it's never been used. It gave me a weird thrill to see yours. Merry Ho-Ho.

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