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Wednesday, December 11, 2013


People are so annoying. Hang in there!
Yes yay! It's such pretty pink yarn.
Hope the eye twitches disappear soon.

That's some pink!
I can spin. I don't like to spin. I don't want to spin. It's not as easy as you make it look. Just sayin'.

Pretty pink! It's hard to ignore idiots, especially when it seems it is all that you do. Sometimes people need a little push, you know? And sometimes they need a BIG one!

It's so pretty. The twitch just might be a touch of stress, ya think? Hugs, Sweetie!

I was at the mall today so I know just what you mean about people! I will not go back!
Your handspun is gorgeous! I bet it's soft too:)

Sorry about that eye twitch - it's so annoying! Hope it stops soon.

Yes, anyone can spin. But it's the "not as well as you" part that's the kicker. Well, OK, some of that would come with practice. But we have to actually want to do it in the first place.

I hope the twitching stops soon. Beautiful pink yarn!!


Best color everrr. And I'd go along with you. I hope that the idiots vanish and the eye settles down as well. xo

Yum, merino silk is luscious to knit with and for it to be pink on top of all that is almost too much. Almost.

You are a mastah
all bow down to your awesome-ness
ps This looks tasty

on teh twitch: try magnesium and or potassium added to your diet. That and a stiff drink should do it.

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