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Monday, December 02, 2013


Very extraordinary if it wasn't Cookie. What a pretty little skein you have.

You suck.

Right from the beginning we knew, even if you didn't.

It is because you are so cuddly. ;)
The yarn is pretty. Nice job.

Looks super and it's pink and purple to boot. Perfect!
Isn't it fun to find something you didn't remember you had? And have it jog such nice memories. :)

What a lovely bit of serendipity. The yarn is beautiful. The memory of the time was warming, and, you will find something to knit for yourself that you will love just because of the yarn's story. Hugs, Dumplin'.

Gorgeous yarn! Obviously you are a natural born spinner:)

Never any doubt ;-) Just beautiful!

Showoff ;-)

A look back on the time-space continuum is always good for a little perspective! Just beautiful.

Amazing spinner now, amazing spindler then.

Beautiful. All of it. Not really a surprise, though. :D It is nice when we realize the good about ourselves.

You have always been great with the spinning! It's fun to go back and find a project that not only can you now fix, you can make it better than it was supposed to be. Lovely squishy yarn!

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