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Friday, December 06, 2013


Is it really tightly plied like socks that rock? It looks soft from the computer screen, but we all know how looks can deceive in the Internets!

Well, at least the color is pretty...

They look so pretty. Maybe they are socks to look at rather than wear! ;)
Happy Friday!!

At least they're purdy. The color must definitely be off, because they don't say "Allium" to me in the least. More like forget-me-nots.

Too bad they're beauty is only skin deep. I'm so glad I sold my Creatively Dyed yarn!

Waffle rib is quite popular now but you already knew that. :)
At least they are pretty.

Love em no matter what. I have no Creatively Dyed yarn so I will not have to deal.

They are pretty! Good thing to know about the base. I may have to try that waffle sock some day

Try my friends wonderful hand-dyed yarn. Her base is really good. I have made several socks and they are soft, easy to knit and wear well.

Lovely color on this monitor. Wow, knitted socks! :D

Well they look good so that's half the battle. Maybe the yarn will soften up with age, I did...

The socks are so cute! It's a shame the yarn is unpleasant. I guess I'll leave my skein in the stash forever...

Well. They look nice. So there is that.

Exactly what Kym said! They do look beautiful!

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