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Tuesday, December 24, 2013


Love the hat. Whoever is wearing it has such elan. The socks are eye searing but happy! And, hugs to you, Dumplin'. It's just another day at the beach.

Cool hat but in it the picture it seems slightly scary... o.0
Loverly socks too.
Wishing you the best for the rest of the year and beyond!

Wishing you hugs and no snow to shovel or rain to avoid.

Lol, black out knitting. Probably healthier than black out drinking!

The hat colorway reminds me of a globe. In fact, I thought that was what it was when I briefly looked down before seeing the whole photo! Both look quite cozy, however.

I love the hat! It looks fantastic on too:)
The socks are very cheerful! I love the stripey toes.


Sending you love and joy from this house to yours. xoxo

That's kind of disturbing. (The hat photo.)


"WHY is he wearing a HAT like THAT?!?" WB would like to know.

That said, pattern queued. I'm always looking for new uses for sock yarn, and we have discovered that Young'un looks pretty good in hipster hats (when he wears them correctly, that is. His initial attempt at wearing such a toque pointing straight up, with the brim pushing his ears out at 90 degree angles, did most decidedly NOT do him any favors.)

You've been on my mind, m'dear, as you weather a very different holiday season this year. So glad to see this blog post of quintessential you-ness.

Took it to the pool...you're cracking me up. Here's to a fun 2014...we're gonna make that happen.

I love the way the colors pooled in the hat, it looks like the light reflecting off petrol in a puddle in the driveway...high praise.

The socks are perfection and most welcome on these freezing ass mornings.

Merry, happy and all that. xox0

whee!! I will knit again as inspired by your knits!!

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