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Friday, December 20, 2013


Oh, I LOVE the little tiny cookies! Just adorable. (And I already have a tiny little gingerbread man cookie cutter, too.)

The hat is beautiful in blue.

And XOXOXOXO to you.

To darling to eat. Love the hat. I agree about the scarf. The only excuse to not finish is impending blindness from searing colors. Hugs, hunny!!!!!

The hat is super. It looks so cuddly!
The cookies are too adorable. And of course you would think of Kym. She our official gingerbread house decorator!
Don't let that scarf win!

The hat is gorgeous! The yarn is lovely.
The scarf mustn't win! You can beat it I'm sure:)

That is a beautiful hat! Wish I could wear hats....

I didn't know you were a diva in the kitchen!

I love the hat! Just my color. And goodness knows it's cold enough for hats here in the Great White North.

The cookies look delish. But I don't have the knack for baking, so I'll just admire the photo. :)

Happy Weekend!

That hat is just beautiful. And the cookies (all of them) are adorable! Glad things have warmed up and simmered down a bit. Happy Friday to you my friend!

Those cookies are waaaaay cute. The chances of my ever making them are pretty tiny, though. The gift-wrapped package ones have a much better chance, which isn't saying much.

That is a gingerbread -- or sugar cookie? -- house even I could build start to finish before I got bored/frustrated and broke out the wine.

Oh I love baking, and those are some of the cutest cookies I've seen in a while (and believe me, I've been up to my ears in flour and Pinterest pins!). Love the hat and how the variegation in the yarn didn't make odd pooling or stripes. Very cozy for crazypants weather!

BeBop by sKnitches. If I'm right, which could be wrong

That wee house is so sweet I am now a diabetic!

Well, I bookmarked the cookie recipe. Like I'll ever have time to make them...
Love that hat!

That is indeed a super cute hat! Just the right amount of slouch, which is the art of hat knitting in my opinion.

We're in the middle of a 70 degree couple of days. In December. It was a sucky way to try to bake cookies from dough that you have to handle. I want my winter back.

I have tiny little cookie people cutters. And dinosaurs and ninjas and trains and cows and mooses. Because who doesn't have a Christmas Cow?

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