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Friday, December 13, 2013


Is it soft? I got some for Peanut and it was the softest stuff. Love it. At least your pink and purple go together. So very very pretty. And remembering is overrated. I remember my old (and, dead) boss' SS always before I can pull up my own. And, the license plate? Seriously? I think there's an 8 in mine and my car is a 2005. You are just fine.

Purple is always a winner in my book! Just lovely. (Remembering numbers? Overrated.)

When we had sheep, some of them were Rambouillet. And because we couldn't find a market for the wool, we actually...do I admit this or not?...threw the wool away. Augh! My only defense is I wasn't knitting then and had no clue the treasure that we had just sitting there in huge bags...
Love the color!
No one remembers any kind of number any more. They just have everything in their phones!

Oh that fiber is gorgeous! The bowl it's sitting in is lovely. I love people who think of the extras:)
My husband was in the Air Force and I had to give his SS# for everything. I can't tell you how many times I've caught myself giving his instead of mine...

Gorgeous fiber! Makes me want to spin again. Have you ever looked at the stuff Woolgatherings has on Etsy? She's one of my favorite dyers. (http://www.etsy.com/shop/woolgatherings?ref=ss_profile) Great colors and lots of different blends.

PS. I have CRS too (Can't Remember Sh!t)

Lovely color(s)! And that is a lovely send along.

And that's a lovely bowl.

I'm blaming my CRS on stress. Dr. E just says we caught it from someone. o.O

I love my shawl. Of course you remember the shawl...it's like one of your children. I only remember my license plate because it's a vanity plate. xoxo

I confuse the number groups in my SSN and my husband's. Always have to stop and think. And numbers are my business -- I can remember them like a pro! Just not always in the right order...

Everything's coming up purple!!!! (your title gave me an earworm ;-)

And yay for pretty fiber and yummy tea!!! The yarn you make from that will be beautiful.

We have another storm coming. I think I'm gonna try to knit this weekend...

Purple is good! Very lovely - maybe it will actually give you some sweet dreams for a change. Hey! I recognize that bowl.

How pretty. And what a sweet addition to the package. I understand completely about the SSN# I keep trying to give people my husbands when they want mine since I need his to access most of my medical care and information about such for everyone. I think I've only actually turned in forms with the wrong number 3 or 4 times, but most of the forms have a big crossed out spot where I started to give his number not mine. (Can't wait to find out what the plan is for the New Year's knitting or maybe it should be spinning this year.)

Lovely! Here's to sweet dreams and a peaceful weekend. My car plate ends in 75 or 79...no clue and there are only 5 numbers. xo

Your mind is fine - it's dealing with new reality. The only numbers I could recall for 2 years were those that were not mine!! Purple - Yah and also HOO!!

with meringue


ps I also lurve the durple

I've got a whole Rambouillet fleece tucked away in my sewing room. Somewhere. I've only had it for 5 or 6 years - should be able to get to it before the end of the decade. Unless my eleven (eleven?!? how did that happen?) shetlands keep making fleeces every year. Wait. They're doing that right now, aren't they? Crap...

I'm very into purple this year, too. I think that it's all the jewel tones out, somehow a richer purple than usual? Lovely roving- looks just perfect to spin up!

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