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Tuesday, December 17, 2013


Power outages can be a joy...the total silence, not being able to do anything related to electricity. Downside...it can get really cold if you are in certain parts of the country. o.0
Love the picture!

Purple sky!
I highly recommend a headlamp for power outages. You can conveniently see your knitting...

As long as it's warm or you don't have electric heat, I'm all for a good power outage.

A power outage is good for prospective.
Your sky is lovely.

Not freaking out, finding a way to stay cool, and just be is the key to handling any crisis. You do well at handling what comes your way.

Of course the power came back on. Just then. 3:00 am = 6:00 am. I'm up! ;-)

Sounds like you're totally prepared for emergencies.

As long as it is neither blasted hot or bitter cold, power outages still suck.

Our power went out in the big snowstorm here two weeks ago! Normally I don't care (I've got plenty of sweatshirts and woolen goods!), but it was like negative two out and eight inches of snow- after four hours it was getting chilly! Luckily the local power guys figured out the problem and once they were on site, it was less than thirty minutes to warm again.

Solar powered kittehs? Fabulous!

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