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Saturday, November 09, 2013


No, it's not weird. It's good.
Great hats - I like the cable detail on the second one.

You sure are productive, grrrrl.

Very cute hats! They are both super. :)
No. Not weird. It's a good thing!

Oh, I like those. And I have an overabundance of sock yarn that my hands aren't going to let me make into socks...

Oh, I love the blue hat. Great use of cables! Besides, it's winter- everyone has hat hair!

Oooohhh! I like Mont-Royal. And I tend to spin sock yarn, so I have lots...

Nice hats! Knitting! Who knew? :D

Nice hats! Knitting is good.

Knit. Spin. It's all good and all right. I don't mind hat hair if the weather is cold and both hats look warm and fabu!

Love the hats, especially Mont-Royal. I look a lot like Boone when I wear a hat. ;-) But warmth beats vanity!

Nice knittings. I can't believe how wonderfully that pink yarn worked out, as you say.

While at a hockey game recently I was enviously watching the kid in front of me who looked great and natural in a slouchy hat. I just look dorky.

Are those for me? Because I'm pretty sure they're for me.

Nice hats. I am particularly inspired by Mont-Royal. I have a kid in need of a hat -- and that one might just do the trick.

Both hats are wonderful! I've been thinking about hats and using sock yarn is a great idea.

I like those hats! I'm very afraid it is becoming hat season - (sigh). This too shall pass.

I had a visual of you in a kiddy pool covered in sock yarn skeins, wiggling about. Hi-larious...

I need a sockhead hat!

(That was NOT a hint.)

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