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Saturday, November 30, 2013


That blue yarn is gorgeous! And so evenly spun - you rock! If you need a home for that skein, I know someone who would give it a good home. ;)

I have a feeling the lace will return one day. Love the arm warmer. I need the hand warming stuff because, in my climate it gets too cold for short sleeves. Love the baby camel/silk and the color is beautiful. Hugs!

Oh baby camel silk, how I love you. I love to spin you, love to knit with you, love to cozy up with you every time I see you. I adore the natural colors, but that bright jewel tone blue is fantastic. Very pretty for lace!

I want to snuggle the grey yarn through the internets! How is snuggle vision not here yet?

Just lovely! And someday, the lace will return. When it's ready to.

The arm warmer looks super! Glad you liked the yarn.
And the blue baby camel silk is just gorgeous. I hope you start knitting lace again cuz I'd love to see that knit up!! :D

I love Galway. It works up for me heavier than either of the yarns you mentioned, but on everything else we are in agreement.

I know. Now you can sleep at night.

You knit what you feel like knitting. The laceweight isn't going anywhere (at least, this is what I tell myself).

Oh my. That is very pretty... I just want to snuggle up in a nest of it.

I have a feeling lace is waiting in the wings. That yarn will speak of lace and love if you keep it within hearing distance. You must have a room full of handspun. Don't invite another knitter to your house unless she can be trusted near your treasures. :) xoxo

Do the arm warmer have a slit for the thumb so you could cover your hands if necessary? I cannot imagine needing arm warmers without fingerless gloves, too, but maybe that is because I live on The Great Frozen Tundra. That blue yarn is gorgeous. Your spinning is pro.

The blue yarn is beautiful! Well done!
Your arm warmers are lovely! A great idea when you don't need or want to pile on the layers.
Nice to you see you again. :) xoxo

It's been really cold up here, so armwarmers sound exquisite. And maybe earwarmers. And a buttwarmer...

The arm warmers came out lovely. Perhaps once things slow down around here, I can knit a pair. You never know, it might happen. :D Do you need a wedding to knit lace for?

I think I'd like to spoon that blue yarn. It looks so soft. And the arm warmers could be put to good use here today!

Oh. That blue. So, so lovely.

Galway is a good "workhorse" yarn -- and it does felt very well, too!

The yarn is lovely! You know, you could use your handspun on a loom.




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