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Saturday, November 02, 2013


You get to have the heat on for you because you are worthwhile and deserve to be warm!

Isn't Orange County quite a bit to the south for you?

I'm still drugged & in pain, but it's getting better.

Pretty picture!
Gotta turn the heat on. You don't want to be a Cookie popsicle.
Scented candles and the time change should be banned. JMO.

You do NOT have a corner on old people. We are everywhere! I hate the time change. Since I grew up and no longer work in the fields before and after school (dripping sarcasm), I feel it is a total waste. I think our Helen's suggestion is brilliant. And, that yarn hasn't gotten there yet? It's been a week or something!!!!

Oh man, first of the month grocery shopping is a nightmare. I like the idea of scented candles, but I dislike the whole house smelling like it- I guess I just need a quick sniff of a lovely scented pick-me-up and then I'm good. What's up with the yarn? I hate it when the yarn doesn't behave!

If you have enough of those candles burning, a person can get hallucinations. (Aunt-in-law story) I think it is something about the lead in the wick. I don't suppose the battery-powered candles carry the same meaning on an altar, do they?.

Are flannel sheets available out there? They can be cozy, not exactly sexy, but cozy has good snuggle points. Especially if you are keeping the heat low and piling on the quilts.

I have to say that I'm not much of a fan of those scented candles. They're usually much too overpowering. I do have a couple of candles that have a mild scent that I bought long before the scented candle craze, and they're just right.

I always complain bitterly about the time change. I wish they would go to Daylight Saving Time and just stay there. Then it wouldn't get dark at 3:30 in the afternoon up here in the winter...

Any unnatural scent and some natural scents should be banned.
You really should turn the heat on. It's so hard to knit with frozen fingers. A killing frost is a wonderful thing, outside not in.

I'm rather found of having the heat on during the day and love my electric blanket at night. Today we have the sleet and will have the killing frost tonight. Yesterday was 71!
Candle makers do not know how to make a scents palatable. They want to knock us over with the horror of fake rain, or apple pie.
Grief takes time. It comes in waves.

I love seeing the autumn colors. I'm in the other camp on the heat. It was 54 in the bedroom this morning. Nothing a pair of socks, a hat and some layers won't take care of. I'm still holding out that there will be a heatwave or two. Plus, an electric blanket is FAR less expensive than heating the whole house. But, that's just me.

We have one tree that has turned and lost all its leaves, and another that is still brilliant green. There's been a couple hard freezes, and we have the heat on (though mostly just for the babies). Kansas is weird, most of October swings from highs in the 50s to highs in the 80s... but November tends to be more consistently chilly.

Still waiting for a hard freeze here. I can still plant bulbs if I want to. (I don't think that I do, although I play with the possibility in my down time.) I think you should go for the cardigan. Hugs to you! XOXO

The cardi sounds like an excellent idea to me too. And the scents, they need to just stop creating them and stick with the old-dependable-don't-stink-like-...varieties! And keep throwing yourself a little heat. It does a girl wonders.

Oh go on! I am glad someone actually thinks I had a good idea. :) You definitely have the knitting know how!

The Day of Dead altar can be comforting. Did you put marigolds on yours?
As for the time change, it is my most favorite holiday in November! I love the extra hour, the light in the morning. The fact that it will be pitch black at 5:00 I don't like but oh well. It is the Spring forward that kills me.

Day of the Dead is now two days? When did that happen? OC is always horrible. If running the heat for just you is really getting to you, you might try a space heater. That way you just heat where you are. It's always made me fell less like I'm wasting the electric money.

I'm liking the change in seasons, and am not with it enough to know if I am being affected by the time change thing.

What kind of cat toys are you making? I hope more suitable yarn arrives soon. xo

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