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Friday, November 22, 2013


This time of year the unique apples are popping up in the grocery stores and, since they're my favorite fruit, I partake. I believed her when my mom said "an apple a day...". Wish I could find the green dragon!

I came across the Green Dragon apple at Bristol Farms. You are correct, it is a very yummy apple. Have you ever tried an Arkansas Black?

I never shop on Black Friday. Mostly because I work in a store and have to WORK on Black Friday. Putting up with greedy grabby crabby shoppers. *sigh*

Have you considered apple swans? So classy! http://www.bloglovin.com/frame?post=1904589769&group=0&frame_type=b&blog=3883862&link=aHR0cDovL2ZlZWRwcm94eS5nb29nbGUuY29tL35yL2NyYWZ0emluZS9-My9DU2ZCWldDcVRxby8&frame=1&click=0&user=0

The name is interesting that is for sure. I love apples. I bought a couple of bags from Michigan to bake pie. That was fun. Eating the apples and never baked the pie. Oh well.
Debit card drama? Ehhhk.
Fake your own death? Oh come on - I can't use the words I want to for people that do shit like that. :)

Credit card compromised? Yeah, that's a good thing for you. You haven't had enough drama. I love apples, but have not seen the dragon apples. My current fave is Honeycrisp. Now, I know where those 3mm 40" cable needles are. None of my shops have them. You might consider bartering;-p Hugs, hunny.

The dragon apple sounds very interesting. It's Honey Crisps that are seasonal here and very delicious.
Needle hoarder!! ;)
I don't shop on Black Friday. Can't stand the crowds and insanity. But I don't think there is enough time to craft for the holidays either...just got done with 2nd DS's last year's mittens. Yes. I finally finished them.

Although I love living where I do, sometimes I long to live where there is better fresh produce year-round, like the Pacific NW. The apples on that linked site sound WONDERFUL. We are on our 2nd (3rd?) bag of Honeycrisp this fall. I cut one up in my oatmeal in the morning -- mmm.

Ever heard of Magic Loop? You only need one cable needle in each size, cable length be damned. Just sayin'...

The hell with the pans, you should have sent me an apple.

I don't imagine you'll actually need a 40" circular needle since you can just squish up those stitches and make a shorter one work. I don't think I own anything bigger than about 30ish inches and I've survived that particular horror.

I will try to buy everything online this year. I deal with enough crazy people every damn day that seeking them out on off days is ridiculous. Plus there's only so much stupid I can take.

At least you have a stash in the garage? Perhaps they will restock? Are there more stores in driving distance? Michael and I already decided upon our presents. Sweet and untraditional.

I'm sure we've all been compromised at one time or another:)
The apple sounds delicious!
Good Luck with the knitting. Doesn't everything always seem to fall apart at once.

I'll have to keep an eye out at the store, the apple sounds yummy!

I have the exact same problem with long circs. No matter how many times I go to the LYS, I always come out with a 3 instead of a 6. Never mind when I need a 3, they magically change back to 6's.

I'm going to Whole Foods tomorrow and I hope to see those apples.

Where have I been? Oh yeah, in a tree and other places. At least you blog.

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