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Tuesday, November 05, 2013


Nube? Possibly stands for National Union of Bank Employees or is the Latin for nymph. I'm going with the later.
Want to see the pics of the bangs!

That fiber is gorgeous! I imagine it feels heavenly:)
BofA. I had them as a bank once and was recently saddened to see that my credit card is now being serviced by them. They are swallowing everything! Glad you got a new ATM card and weren't too badly compromised. <---that sounds wrong...

Hearing of big bank problems makes me thankful for my home town credit union.
We had two suitcases full of photogs of unknown peoples from around the turn of the century. They were related to Smith in some fashion, but we know not how.
If your photos are semi-vintage, photos of me are ancient.

Ooh, squishy loveable fiber! Nice! At least chase did something about it, rather than let you find out later and then backtrack? Wells Fargo didn't even send my replacement debit card, I had to go in to the bank and make them send me one.

Ooooh! I had a chance to spin some Malabrigo merino at SOAR a week or so ago. It's completely and utterly droolworthy. Jealous that you can get it locally. Am on the hunt here.

I just got that identical email, text and voicemail from Chase as well. I do not see anything odd in my account, but will assume they've blocked anything suspicious.

My debit card was cloned in July at a restaurant and Wells Fargo never even noticed! I discovered it when packages of crap from Asia and Australia started appearing on my porch. When I asked WF why their algorithm didn't pick up the fraudulent charges, the smart aleck on the phone said, "Well, we DO have customers who buy goods online from foreign websites." Maybe so, Einstein, but I'm not one of those customers and your stinkin' algorithm should have told you that.
Need any penis enlargement pills or acne medication?

I always feel a bit unnerved when someone/something messes with my money. Makes me a tad paranoid. I love the fiber. It's so so pretty!!!

Glad your card issues got straightened out. It can be a pain. o.0
Such pretty pink fluffiness!
We moved boxes of photos with us to the new house that were from both sides of our family. Don't know who 3/4 of the people are in the pictures. I know what our kids will do with them when the time comes. We should maybe save them the trouble!!

I think you should just make up stories about the people in the photos. They'll probably be much more interesting that way.

That's lovely fiber. People keep flaunting Malabrigo fiber, but I'm lucky enough not to have seen any in person or I'd own it. I've got more than enough fluff to work through before we move!

Those clouds are my kind of pretty.
I actually met the owner of Malabrigo at VK Live last Friday. Nice guy but really why show off your pretties if you are not selling them? I know, I know, other vendors there had it but I really didn't feel like back tracking.
I plan on selfish knitting after the holidays. :) Nothing wrong with selfish knitting.

Oh those are pretty fluff lumps! You know I adore those colors (but we seem to like the same ones, no?) so I'll see how you spin your magic.

As to the banks, well that's happened to me several times now and it sucks. One time was on the day before NY Sheep and Wool and I had no money before the festival. That was remedied but it could have been dire! Some time you may just want to switch to a community credit union - I did and it wasn't too annoying to do.

I have been compromised ;-) as well and it's a pain in the butt. BoA is the biggest p-i-t-a ever. No coincidence that it spells snake! Those fluffy things are beautiful, but then again I don't think I've ever seen a pink I didn't love.

Wow, they sell fluff! I had no idea. Looks pretty, how does it feel?

I hope the debit card problems are all in the past!!

I've been compromised a couple of times. New card; new start. But what a dang pain. (I'm glad someone is watching out for those computer buyers in far-away lands. They are prolific.)

I want Malabrigoo fiber! We'll totally ignore the face that my wheel doesn't currently have a drive band.
Ugh, we use BofA, because Hubbs is paranoid about being able to access a band ANYWHERE.. since, you, we travel SO MUCH. (eyeroll)
Also, I puffy-heart adore old photos... bonus points for weddings. I really don't care if I know the people or not, I could look at them ALL DAY.

Look for a credit union that you could join. They are starting to act like banks, but banks in 1980 -- not nearly as bad as banks today. I lost my primary Visa card last April, but I never reported it lost because I knew it was in the house somewhere. When the weather turned chilly here a week or two ago, I found it in the pocket of my winter coat. Yeah, I suck, too.

If there are any super-silly vintage photos, feel free to post them here :-)

Yikes! I hope that is the end of that and everything is as it should be with the bank. It can be rather unsettling.

Oh, your fiber is so very beautiful. I did not know that Malabrigo sold fiber. Then again, I have not been at the wheel much, so it is probably best that I do not know these things.

It would probably be pretty nifty to see those photos, but I understand if you do not find the blog to be the place for them. xo

Been eyeing that fibre for a while. Nice to hear a good review of it.

Glad you got your bank sorted out.

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