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Wednesday, November 13, 2013


I thought you'd like it! After watching it Dan and I will yell "cocksucker!" at each other, just because :-D


I love your coffee mug. How cool. And, spinning? Wow! You are so unpredictable. No more hats for a while, huh? I cannot wait to see this beautiful roving that Natalie sent you. And, now you know you can trust Toni's advice on good serieseses (help) to watch.

Think love from us all and you'll come through.

That mug is sweet and melancholy, all at the same time.

Haven't watched "Deadwood". I'm currently working my way back through Seasons 1 and 2 of "Downton Abbey". Thomas and O'Brien are SUCH TROUBLE.

Yay! Love the shot of the mug in use. :D
Watched a little of Deadwood but didn't stick with it cuz DH doesn't really like western type shows.
Good to hear you are doing better. Been thinking about you. Hugs.

The mug is perfect. Didn't watch Deadwood...but must get to the wire! How about Orange is the New Black?

Glad to hear you're spinning.

Deadwood, eh? Maybe I should watch that show now, considering that I've been up close and intimate with Ian McShane in the steam bath. Well, OK, not intimate. Just up close. (Seemed like a very nice guy, BTW.)

If the sentiment of the mug doesn't work, fill it with wine. That may help.

Yay for you spinning, we like when that happens. Will wait for a peak at the sultry fiber siren that lured you to the wheel.

I'm hooked on Doc Martin right now, but I'm kind of lame like that. I only get to watch on nights Hubbs works after the kids go to bed. Speaking of, I have Netflixing to do.


I'm hating the dark nights at five o clock, definitely. Bring back a bit more light! Six o clock, maybe?

I'm also getting back into dr who, as the new movie is coming out soon. So much storyline and crazy!

I just finished watching 4 seasons of the Walking Dead, I'm so behind on tv right now because I got caught up listening to some comedy podcasts. Deadwood looks really interesting, that's been on my list for a while-- maybe I should move it up on my queue?

I love your mug too.

Deadwood must be watched after all the kids are in bed & fully asleep - but it's amusing. I've been a sucker for anything with Ian McShane in it since we Lovejoy.

Can't wait to see what's become of the fluff.

I'll have to look for Deadwood when I don't want to venture from the house this winter.

Ugh, that business is a drain. xox

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