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Saturday, November 16, 2013


Happy Saturday, Dumplin'!!!!

That's a lotta people sayin' a lotta stuff. Or a few people sayin' a whole lotta stuff!
Happy Saturday!!

Happy Saturday, dear!



That's a whole lotta blogging! :-)
Enjoy the change of season. (Because what else can you do about it?)

The change in season in the easy part. You love winter, right? Since November is half over, and it's been kind to us, I think my mood will fair better this year.

Your sky looks beautiful! At the moment mine is gray and cloudy. Enjoy yours:)

Whoa! Awesome stats! It just confirms this is a lovely place to be :)

The weather is steadily getting colder here, too. I'm wearing thin gloves/mittens on my runs with longer pants and thermal tops. Not ready for rain yet, though!

I have nearly as many posts as you, but you have 2.5 times as many comments. Hmm, what does that indicate...

Congratulations on your accomplished blogging, that's so cool.

Gorgeous sky.

Woohoo! Big numbers.

Change is good. And 1600, something pretty damn special about that. And you.

I hope your Saturday and Sunday were lovely.

Here is to good week! xo

Hope you had a lovely weekend. I hear it's supposed to rain this week.


I hope your Saturday & weekend & and Monday/Tuesday were quite acceptable. :D Lovely sky.

I hope this next season is enjoyable for you!


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