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Wednesday, October 02, 2013


Oh, hells, yes!

It looks like you've found a wonderful place to relax. Hope you're enjoying the time.

Pooling yarn by the pool!

I'd be swimming, but you knew that.

What you need to know is that you will get ahead of the complicated, in time.


Looks like a nice place for you. Go ahead and have another cupcake while you are at it.:) That pool looks so nice.

Taking care of yourself can be pretty damned dull. Yet, somehow you meet the most interesting people. Hugs.

Is that..can it be...a sock?!?! ;)

You know we're out here reading and cheering you on. {{hugs}} One hour at a time, one day at a time. And don't hog all those raining men to yourself!

Taking care of yourself is paramount while you deal with the BS of what comes after. The roller coaster ride will continue, but you are one tough cookie and you'll hang on for the long haul then move on to live your own life. YOUR LIFE! You can do it. xoxox

Knitting by the pool...nice. And the yarn matches the water. ;)
Time is what you need. Time to get through all the complicated. Time to find your own life. Time to resolve all the annoying things life is throwing at you right now. But time can be annoying too...sometimes it just moves too slowly...or too fast.

I love that yarn!!! Wherever did you get it? *snort* I agree with Joan, you will get ahead of it some day. Swears. At least there are hot firemen?

You will get through the complicated with time, but that doesn't make it any more fun while you are living through it. Sending you a big hug.

The scenery is lovely:) The sock looks wonderful. Try to relax and take care of yourself. Don't forget to breath.

Just don't set yourself on fire to get the firemen to pay attention to you ;-)


You are admired. You are talented. You are enjoyable to read.

Delurking to say HI! You are read and liked by me, and as you go through complicated - good luck.

Looks like a good place to be. Hope it's not too hot. We're still wearing shorts here & I'm trying to avoid turning the AC back on!

Sending you many hugs---

Sending positive energy and a hug. Hang in as best you can.

> What a shame that no one reads me anymore...

I'm also getting a mental picture of you arriving in the mail. It is a very odd picture.

Lots of good wishes and (regular cookies) to you. If you need any more, please just ask.

The good days eventually outnumber the bad. It just takes time.

I'm glad you have such a beautiful place to regroup. Keep on keeping on.

In my experience the shitty times don't last forever. Of course when your in them it feels like it so that may not help much. Hang in there, get help when you need some and keep going. And laughing, you are a funny girl fyi. Kisses!

I read your blog every day, even when it is not a new post. The good days will outnumber the dad soon. Take heart!

Obviously, that should have been "bad". Sorry.

Is that super wash yarn? :) enjoy sitting poolside, hopefully it is warm (but not too warm) where you are at!

I look forward to your posts even though I've never met you. Your quirky sense of humor and outlook on life closely resemble mine, methinks! wishing you all the best as you go through difficult times

I know I am not among the 'inner circle' but I do read your blog posts.

Difficult subjects are best shared privately in person. I agree the blog may not be the place.

Happy knitting. Love your picture, the pool looks inviting.

I hope there are cute pool boys for you.


Knitting by the pool? Sing along here (just change the words a tad): http://youtu.be/WMX_B8Iumsg

Oh, and I know this will send shivers up and down your spine, but that table? Exactly like the one on my deck.

Hang in there, it will get better. It may get worse first -- who can predict the future? -- but it WILL get better. One thing about life. It always changes.


(I, too, have that exact table.)
Continuing to send you love. Be gentle with yourself.

I'm glad you are with people who care about you and you are letting them care about you. I'm thinking of you often. xoxo

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