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Tuesday, October 15, 2013


Having just made a way too big sweater, I understand our dismay. It happens. A hat is the perfect knit to assuage the disappointment.
It's not like you really want to deal with anyone right now. Difficult people are especially troublesome when you're vulnerable. I hope they're banished from your world soon.

STILL not finished? Or the car either? Angry lady must be very angry. Even without the naughty sweater. Time for a cup of tea and a boring hat.

Sorry about the sweater. The yarn is gorgeous though so I'm sure you won't mind trying again with it later. A hat will be like spending time with a friend.
So many people suck. It really isn't fair when you have to deal with more than one a day.

May Ray, Matt & the bank kid get out of your life asap but do their jobs first. May the hat knitting be enjoyable and the ripping of the sweater not too painful. And the chocolate! Well, that is known to be amazing and soothing. :D

yes, chocolate. It is the answer to everything.


Well it may be too big, but that color teal is a-may-zing! Love teal (except in bridesmaid dresses) (but then nothing looks good in bridesmaid dresses).

I find when house stuff breaks, it breaks all at once. I think once you get over this crap you should be good. And if your making apple crumble/crisp/et al, toss some my way. That is my personal crack.

I think that color will look gorgeous on you. Just let it sit in time out for a bit. It really is a hard thinking project when you've been under a mite of stress, Sweetie.

Um, maybe the sweater-fail is so that you can spend more time playing with such gorgeous yarn? Wouldn't want to be done too soon. Or something like that. Maybe.

Ray...Matt...she knows where to find you! Sorry about the sweater but as they've said before me, it's gorgeous!

Um, it is really a gorgeous color. So there is that to look forward to.

Chocolate, and perhaps wine! I hate ripping back knitting, it's like watching all your invested time go down the drain. The yarn looks super soft and squishy; I like the color.

Oh, that color. Just divine. Sorry about Ray. And Matt. And the cast of idiots that fill your days. Chocolate to the rescue!!!

Rotten gauge. I hope the chocolate works!

Very best of luck to you with the bank dealings.


Chocolate is always the answer. I think. I have things, so what do I know? I started a second sweater. Yeah. I don't know. 40 days?

Sweaters are mysterious things. Chocolate helps. xo

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