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Wednesday, October 30, 2013


I knew you had a post in you! I think the sweater looks great on you. I'm not sure what you wanted in the neckline, but it is flattering. The color rocks. Nice nice nice. As for the rest? Keep on taking care. The no nightmares is wonderful. I'm so glad, but the sleep will come. You worry and you don't sleep. Just try to take care on the parts you can do. And, if you are peopled out, take a little break. Snuggle under a blanket and watch movies or something. Hugs!!!

I really like the sweater but I wish it fit you. I hope the next one is your perfect sweater, or at least fits well.

It looks like it fits well, even if the neckline is larger than you wanted.

If you're really unhappy with the large neck opening, could you pick up stitches around it, and work upwards a bit, decreasing the number of stitches?

This is one of the reasons I'm not excited about top-down sweaters. As well as why I often start with a provisional cast-on, in case I need to change things at whatever point I started.

Cheryl is brilliant! Love the color. Which cardi?

The sweater looks really nice on you. I am sorry it wasn't exactly what you were expecting.

I hope your sleep improves soon!


I knew you could take a picture of yourself. Told ya! :p
The neckline looks good with a tee under it. Sorry you are unhappy with it...maybe crochet around and tighten it up a bit?
Hope you aren't sick...

Few sweaters are exactly what we intend. That's one reason we keep knitting sweaters. Your sweater looks great even if it's not up to your expectations. Now, I want to order more Beaverslide!
You can only do what you can do and it sounds to me like you're doing things right. xoxo

I have given up on pullovers pretty much. Far too hard to fit. Give me a cardigan any day. That said, I love the color! It looks like a Quite Fabulous sweater.

Give in. Turn on the heat and be comfortable.

And be gentle with yourself. XOXO

It's really quite lovely, neckline and all. I like the transition at the yoke(?) and the color is beautiful! Turn on the heat, it will help just a bit...with everything.

Lovely sweater, even if it isn't all you wanted. So cozy! Perfect for fall and winter.

All I could think of with the title was the book 'if you give a mouse a cookie'. If cookie knits a sweater, she's going to want to change the pattern. If she changes the pattern, she's going to need a different yarn. If she changes the yarn, she's going to want to change the needles. If she changes the needles, she's going to want.. And so forth. Suddenly, you are surrounded by needles, yarn, pattern pages that may or may not make sense and an abiding sense of WTF.

See your arms are long enough. :)

Nightmares are a bitch - sorry you are going through that. Take it one day at a time. I know, you are probably tired of hearing that.

Hmmm. Did you consider converting this one to a cardigan? Just saying. xoxo

My selfies come out all-double-chin. I don't know which is worse.
I'm sorry about the neckline. But it's a nice looking sweater. Glad you are sleeping a little better & taking care of yourself.

I don't know what Faceyspace Syndrome is. Is that where a couple of giraffes knock on your door in the middle of the night wanting to take you to breakfast, and then you wake up screaming, covered in marmalade?

I'm sorry you don't love your sweater more. I think you look lovely in it. xo

I like it! The neckline is fine, are you going to work on it some or is it ok for you too?

I've always been curious about the Beaverslide yarn. It looks yummers.

Now go get another cookie for reals chica!

I like it with the shirt under it, and I agree, maybe crochet a collar onto it?

But I've never made a sweater, and I'm on painkillers, so take that with a block of salt :-D

I loves your new sweater.

Hmmm. I'd pick up stitches a couple of rows down inside the neckline, leaving the rolled edge intact. Then knit up for a bit, decreasing as I go, and bind off, leaving another rolled edge. Double rolled edge for the neckline, which would be an interesting design detail, and a higher overall neckline. But it may not work IRL like it does in my head...
Keep in mind I'm not fully coffee-ed yet.

Hey, you've actually finished a sweater, that's a few steps ahead of me. (We're still not talking about Girl Friday). Sorry you're not feeling well!

Larger necklines are In. Maybe you need to grow a bigger neck? Nah, I didn't think so.

Srsly, the sweater is awfully nice. Looks like it will be warm, too. And we know we all love that color.

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