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Saturday, October 12, 2013


My skies are just fine today. Mmm, apple crisp! A good plumber is costly, but worth the cost if he prevents a catastrophic failure down the line. Still, painful in the moment!

Mmm, apple crisp! I should make some, I have the apples, Matthew is here to help eat it...

Our skies look much like yours. Apples are on my list for tomorrows farmers market. I'll make crisp, too. It's rather nice to have water.

Not a blue speck to be found...but it's still happy. And I...need...apples (not for soup). ;-)

What a brilliant idea. Apple crisp. I so do not need it, but it sound divine, so I might just bake me up some, too. And, yeah, water is a wonderful thing to have and it's almost luxurious to flush the toilet after not having water for so long. Hugs, hunny. Have a wonderful Sunday!!!!

Apple crisp. Yum.

Your weather looks divine! We had grey but it was still a good day.
Yay!!! You have water! Finally. Thank goodness for Ray.
Apple Crisp sounds like an excellent idea. What a nice way to remember someone...

Water = good. Apple crisp = Bestest!

I had 20 pounds of apples to dispose of this Fall, so there was a lot of apple crisp to make.

Apple crisp ... great idea! NOW I know what I'm making this afternoon.

We were just given two big grocery bags of apples, and my thoughts had turned to apple crisp, too. And maybe a pie...

Apple crisp is yummy! Make sure you have some ice cream or whipped cream to put on it:)

beautiful blue skies.

just made apple crisp yesterday, to round out a meal of homemade soup and two (yes, two!) different kinds of bread. I was stuffed after the main meal but had to have apple crisp. And then I rolled around the house for awhile, lamenting that I hadn't put on my "fat pants" before eating.

and my aunt dropped off almost two bushels of apples from her trees yesterday afternoon. wooHOO.

Mmmm, apple crispy cobbler. Water for kitchens and bathrooms and other stuff is key--wish the bill didn't hurt so much!

It was a lovely Sunday here.

Yay, water! I hope your Sunday was your Funday! xo

Apple crisp . . . apple cobbler . . . it's All Good. Mmm. Love the apples in all their various forms. Glad your water is back to functional.

Yum! You cook? Dude!

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